This Year's Puppy Bowl Will Feature Three Dogs With Disabilities
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15 Things You Might Not Know About Pro Football
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222-0: The Worst Blowout in College Football History
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The Game Behind the Game: What Pro Football Is Really Like
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Oral History: The Strangest Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever
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The Only Recording of Super Bowl I Is Collecting Dust in Storage
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This Football Helmet of the Future Is Designed to Crumple
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Why Is Alabama's Mascot an Elephant?
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Where Do Heisman Winners Keep Their Trophies?
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Athletic Support: A History of Sports Agents
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The Origin of the Sports Illustrated Football Phone
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45 Years of Monday Night Football's Memorable Theme Music
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The Sarcastic Jokes You'll Find on Roman Bullets
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The Humble Early Days of the NFL Draft
The NFL Draft wasn't always the overblown football bacchanal it is today.... READ ON

Most hoofed herbivores (from horses to giraffes) sleep standing up. If they slept lying down in the wild, precious seconds would be wasted scrambling to their feet when predators approached.

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