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Why Do Our Bodies Need Electrolytes?
Find out what they are, the role they play in our bodies, and whether electrolyte-packed drinks like Gatorade are really all they're cracked up to be.... READ ON
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Study Sheds Light on Why Salty Snacks Are So Addictive
Salty food doesn't make you thirsty, but it might make you hungry.... READ ON
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How Does Jelly Belly Create Its Weird Flavors?
This Edible Water Blob Could Change Hydration Forever
Ooho! might be the future's green alternative to plastic bottles.... READ ON
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Why Can’t You Eat Grapefruit While Taking Certain Medications?
It’s all about your enzymes.... READ ON
9 Foods That Are Just As Good Frozen As Fresh
Time to make space for some fresh herbs next to your frozen veggies and berries.... READ ON
Why Do Cans of Diet Coke Float While Regular Coke Sinks?
Spoiler alert: It involves sugar.... READ ON
Julia Child's Lifehack for Dealing With Cilantro
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Why Are Pancakes Always Round?
Gravity is an excellent chef.... READ ON
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Do Carbonated Drinks Go Flat Quicker on Their Sides?
From Coca-Cola to carbonated water, there isn't a fizzy drink around that tastes better once it's gone flat.... READ ON
Family Cracks Open Chicken Egg to Find Another Egg Inside
The phenomenon is rare but not unheard of.... READ ON
Eating Shellfish Likely Means Eating Plastic, Scientists Say
The amount of plastic in our oceans—and thus in our seafood—is rising.... READ ON
Scientists Want to Brew Beer on the Moon
One small step for hops, one giant leap for malt-kind.... READ ON
7 Food and Drink Hacks Based on Math and Science
Learning never tasted so good.... READ ON
Watch Popcorn Kernels Burst in Slow Motion
The process has been slowed down to 30,000 frames per second.... READ ON
Want a Caffeine Boost Without the Acidity? Try Mushroom Coffee
There's nothing like the smell of fungus in the morning.... READ ON

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