The Poop of Young Fish Can Help Older Ones Live Longer
The microbiome of youth could have anti-aging properties when transplanted into older individuals.... READ ON
Heroic Pet Store Employee Builds ‘Wheelchair’ to Keep a Goldfish Afloat
A swim bladder disorder was keeping the fish from swimming upright.... READ ON
People Like Sharks More When They Swim to Upbeat Music
New research indicates that the ominous music that often accompanies footage of sharks leaves viewers with a negative impression of these great big fish—and that this effect is lessened when upbeat music is played instead.... READ ON
The Fierce Rapids of the Congo River Create New Fish Species
The turbulent waters divided a group of fish so thoroughly that they evolved into separate species.... READ ON
MIT’s Transparent Gel Robot Can Catch and Release a Live Goldfish Underwater
It can kick a ball, too.... READ ON
Watch Archerfish, the Champions of Spitting
They use water as a weapon...and they can recognize human faces.... READ ON
9 Colorful Facts About Goldfish
Goldfish appeal to pet owners around the world.... READ ON
Scientists Spy on Whale Sharks by Testing the Water They Swim In
The new technique allows researchers to monitor the genetic health of endangered shark populations without ever touching them.... READ ON
7 Unattractive Facts About Blobfish
They don't look half bad underwater.... READ ON
11 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Aquariums
On any given day, aquarium employees might be asked to swim with sharks, train sea lions, or poke a gassy sea horse.... READ ON
Scientists Record Fish Singing a Dawn Chorus Like Birds
Eat your heart out, Big Mouth Billy Bass.... READ ON
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20 Percent of Seafood Samples are Mislabeled, Report Finds
There’s something fishy about the seafood business.... READ ON
11 Fishy Facts About Coelacanths
There are plenty of fish in the sea, but few are more astounding than the coelacanths—a group that defied extinction and turned the scientific world upside down.... READ ON
900 Freshwater Fish You Can Encounter in America
Make your wall all about that bass.... READ ON
Coral Reefs Depend on Big Fishes’ Pee
Reefs in areas depleted of big fish and their urine are also missing necessary nutrients like phosphorus.... READ ON
Australia Is Having a Giant Goldfish Problem
While the large fish are probably enjoying their comfortable new habitat, their presence is proving disruptive to the local ecosystem.... READ ON

Gureng-gureng, Gabi-Gabi, Waga-Waga, Wemba-Wemba, and Yitha-Yitha are all names of native Australian languages.

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