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9 Photos of Comic-Con Cosplayers Eating
You don't usually see the heroes of comic books, TV shows and video games going to the bathroom, eating, or sleeping. But unlike fictional characters, the people in the costumes at San Diego Comic-Con do need to do these basic human activities. Here are a few photos we snapped of cosplayers at SDCC chowing down.... READ ON
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7 Television Shows Saved by Their Fans
Never doubt the power of a devoted audience: Time and again, adoring fan bases have brought television shows back from the brink of cancellation—or actual cancellation. Shows like Family Guy and Futurama were resuscitated long after cancellation by the indirect fan actions of DVD purchases and the ratings of reruns on other networks, but sometimes fans take a much more direct role in rescuing their favorite programs. Here are some of the most fantastic examples of shows saved by their passionate... READ ON

Perfume engineers need to account for a scent’s rate of evaporation, how the nose picks up odors, and three different patterns of smells that affect how it's perceived.

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