5 Extinctions That Wiped Much of Life off Planet Earth
The next time you’re feeling less than brave, remind yourself you’re already one of nature’s great success stories.... READ ON
8 Ways Domestic Cats Are a Serious Threat to Nature
We adore them too. Really. But this is a major problem.... READ ON
Tool-Using Hawaiian Crows Join Bird Version of MENSA
The rare ‘Alalā species is only the second known crow species to use tools.... READ ON
Gone But Not Forgotten: Travel Posters Highlight Extinct Animals
It's too late to discover the wonders of Costa Rica's golden toad or go to Mauritius to see the dodo.... READ ON
African Elephant Populations Are Declining 8% Per Year
Due to poaching, elephants populations are declining steadily—even in protected areas.... READ ON
Tiger Populations Are Rising for the First Time in 100 Years Thanks to Local Tribes
Indigenous communities in India are peacefully coexisting with tigers, helping to bolster the numbers of the endangered populations around them.... READ ON
Infographic Shows Which African Mammals Are Most at Risk
Far too many are in the endangered category.... READ ON
Study Says Dinosaurs Were Dying Off Long Before Massive Asteroid Hit Earth
The researchers believe that dinosaur extinction was a 40-million-year process.... READ ON
See the World's Most Complete Recreation of Dodo Anatomy
Scientists spent five years creating a digital reconstruction of a dodo skeleton, the first in-depth description of the extinct bird's anatomy in 150 years.... READ ON
To Save Their Species, These Prehistoric Animals Mated Early and Died Young
When the mass extinction began, Lystrosaurus shortened its lifespan—and its mating cycle.... READ ON
9 Ways Dinosaurs Are Just Like Birds
A new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History argues that birds are just another kind of dinosaur.... READ ON
Why We Track Asteroids Like the One That Flew by This Week
TX68 appeared to have a four in 1 billion chance of hitting Earth. That may sound like a long shot, but the odds were four times higher than the threshold NASA has set for potentially hazardous objects.... READ ON
Dodos Were Probably Pretty Smart, Study Finds
A study of what dodos' brains probably looked like suggests they were about as intelligent as pigeons—which are pretty smart.... READ ON
Science Explains This Duck’s Rare Pink Feathers
Scanning a long-dead museum specimen revealed a pigment rarely found in ducks.... READ ON
New Jersey Fossil Haven Might Reveal What Killed Off the Dinosaurs
A quarry pit may hold clues pointing to a mass extinction more than 65 million years ago.... READ ON
The Oldest Black Rhino In America Just Turned 45
Elly lives at the San Francisco Zoo.... READ ON

Gureng-gureng, Gabi-Gabi, Waga-Waga, Wemba-Wemba, and Yitha-Yitha are all names of native Australian languages.

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