Cephalopods Evolve Differently From the Rest of Us, Study Finds
Experts say octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish have been using “an alternative engine” for evolution.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Portugal’s Oldest Skull Adds to Puzzle of Human Evolution
It's about 400,000 years old.... READ ON
New Theory: Eyes, Not Legs, First Brought Fish Out of Water
Scientists argue that the sight of all the juicy food available on land propelled early marine vertebrates to grow legs and get out there.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Unusual 100,000-Year-Old Human Skulls Found in China
The finds bolster the idea that the precursors to modern humans were a diverse bunch who routinely interbred with one another.... READ ON
The Body
5 Muscles You Might Be Missing
You're probably aware of some vestigial body parts, like wisdom teeth, that the human body doesn't really need. But did you know there are several muscles in that category as well?... READ ON
The Fierce Rapids of the Congo River Create New Fish Species
The turbulent waters divided a group of fish so thoroughly that they evolved into separate species.... READ ON
5 Extinctions That Wiped Much of Life off Planet Earth
The next time you’re feeling less than brave, remind yourself you’re already one of nature’s great success stories.... READ ON
The Top 10 Science Stories of 2016
It's been a big year.... READ ON
6 Downsides of Human Evolution
5. A lot of us have mental illness.... READ ON
Oldest Evidence of Birds’ Voice Box Found in Antarctica
It's at least 66 million years old—significantly older than any syrinx fossil evidence found before.... READ ON
Researchers Reclassify Itsy-Bitsy, Prehistoric “Beardogs”
Two specimens of the Chihuahua-sized animals have just rearranged the branches of the carnivore family tree.... READ ON
What Can Urban Wildlife Teach Us About Pollution?
Pigeons are like urban canaries in a coal mine. But they're not the only ones cluing us in.... READ ON
We Thought There Was One Giraffe Species—But There Are Four
According to a study of the spotted giant’s DNA published today, Giraffa camelopardalis isn't alone.... READ ON
5 Slithering Differences Between Snakes and Legless Lizards
If a limbless reptile crosses your path, it’s obviously a snake, right? Maybe not.... READ ON
Fig Pollination Is Incredible (And Probably Results In You Eating Mummified Wasps)
The fruit and its wasp have been evolving together for millions of years.... READ ON
Cooperative Living May Speed Up Ant Evolution
Researchers say pressure to keep up with plant partners could have caused mutualist species to evolve faster than their generalist kin.... READ ON

It took three people to compose “The Hokey Pokey." Roland Lawrence “Larry” LaPrise, Charles Macack, and Taft Baker wrote the tune in 1949 to entertain tired skiers at nightclubs in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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