Map Shows How Everyone Blamed Syphilis on Everyone Else
Throughout history, people were quick to point fingers at each other.... READ ON
French Curator Rediscovers 'Lost' Gustave Courbet Painting
For decades, experts believed the work was a forgery.... READ ON
English Palace Identifies Marble Garden Planter as Roman Sarcophagus
The artifact is believed to date back to the 2nd century CE.... READ ON
Behind the Scenes With a Master Maze Maker
Adrian Fisher's complex puzzle networks can be found in some 40 countries around the globe.... READ ON
Malta's Famous Rock Formation Has Collapsed Into the Ocean
You may remember the rock arch, called the Azure Window, from HBO's "Game of Thrones."... READ ON
A London Brewery Is Giving Away Free Beer Every Time It Rains
Follow London Pride—the flagship beer made by Fuller's Brewery—on Twitter to score your free pint.... READ ON
French Town Needs Help Restoring Van Gogh's Grave
The artist's headstone was damaged last year after a stormy spring.... READ ON
Where Are These European Landmarks?
Time Is Running Out to Apply for Cambridge's LEGO Professorship
The professor will research how play affects development and learning.... READ ON
This Week, Dog Lovers Can Take a London Bus Tour With Their Furry Friends
The 90-minute tour takes riders to the city's best dog parks and canine-themed cultural attractions.... READ ON
Take a Look at How Tweed Is Made
Harris Tweed is Scotland's most famous luxury textile.... READ ON
Bike Hotel Makes Cycling Simpler for Norwegian Commuters
The building doubles as a welcoming public space.... READ ON
Belgian Beer Makes the Cut for UNESCO's Cultural Heritage List
We'll toast this decision.... READ ON
Live Inside One of England's Largest Cemeteries
A studio flat in Birmingham's Witton Cemetery is up for grabs.... READ ON
For Sale: A Glass Mural Commissioned by East Germany's Secret Police
A German art historian is hoping to sell the work for $21 million in Miami next week.... READ ON
What Are the Most Visited European Countries?

People didn't always say "hello" when they answered the phone. When the first regular phone service was established in 1878, people said "ahoy."

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