This Craft Beer is Made With Recycled Toilet Water
"Toilet to tap" might be coming to a city near you.... READ ON
Could Fire Be Good for Wild Ecosystems?
Scientists are still trying to figure out the complex relationship between wildfires and biodiversity.... READ ON
Germany Is Converting a Coal Mine Into a "Battery" for Renewable Energy
The system will provide enough energy to power more than 400,000 homes.... READ ON
Live Smarter
How Your Used Mascara Brushes Can Help Wild Animals in Need
The tiny bristles are perfect for cleaning fly eggs and larva from fur.... READ ON
How You Can Help Protect Migrating Birds
Experts say collisions with windows are a “preventable problem.”... READ ON
Small Dietary Changes Could Bring Big Environmental Gains
It could save the U.S. $77 billion (or more) in healthcare costs and reduce each person’s greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 500 pounds per year.... READ ON
Experts Predict Widespread Ocean Warming by 2050
Up to 86 percent of the ocean surface will be warming and acidifying within the next few decades—unless we take steps to prevent it.... READ ON
4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feed the Birds (Or Any Animals)
Step away from the bread.... READ ON
Big Question
What Do Those Numbers on the Bottom of Plastic Bottles Mean?
The single-digit stamp helps determine the ultimate fate of your trash.... READ ON
Timberland Is Making Shoes and Bags From Recycled Plastic Bottles
You can feel good about fancy footwear that creates new jobs and cleans up neighborhoods in Haiti.... READ ON
Siberia’s "Door to the Underworld" Is Growing
A result of climate change, the chasm has revealed long-lost forests and the preserved remains of prehistoric animals.... READ ON
Watch: Why the World Is Slowly Running Out of Sand
Beach sand is actually a valuable resource.... READ ON
Our Pollution Has Now Reached Deep-Sea Animals
Scientists found high levels of contamination in two of the deepest ocean trenches.... READ ON
Climate Change Is Altering One of Utah's Most Famous Works of Art
Soon, the art piece could be marooned away from the shores of the Great Salt Lake.... READ ON
High-Tech Paper Could Be Reused Up to 80 Times
The words are printed with UV light instead of ink.... READ ON
Ireland Looks to Become First Country to Stop Funding Fossil Fuels
The Irish Parliament has just passed a bill to halt all public funding of coal, oil, and gas companies.... READ ON

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus didn't earn his nickname, the Golden Bear, because of his size, his demeanor, or his hair. It was the name of his high school mascot.

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