With Training, We Can Learn to Spot Fake News
Researchers say we can inoculate ourselves against fabrications the same way we would a virus.... READ ON
New Food Recycling Appliance Will Turn Scraps Into Fertilizer in 24 Hours
The creators of the Zera Food Recycler want to turn composting into a hands-free activity.... READ ON
2016 Was the Hottest Year Ever Recorded
Scientists say our role in climate change is “plain as day.”... READ ON
8 Surprising Facts About the Deepest Part of the Ocean
1. More people have been to the Moon than have explored the hadal deep.... READ ON
Meet the 7-Year-Old Boy Who Runs His Own Recycling Business
Ryan Hickman's business, “Ryan’s Recycling," has recycled approximately 200,000 cans and bottles.... READ ON
Trains in the Netherlands Now Run Entirely on Wind Energy
It's the first train system in the world to run entirely on renewable energy.... READ ON
The Army Wants to Build Biodegradable Bullets
The environmentally friendly casings would even contain plant seeds.... READ ON
9 Ways Christmas Trees Are Reused After the Holidays
Discarded trees are the gifts that keep on giving.... READ ON
Pollution Can Give You High Blood Pressure
Prolonged exposure to dirty air can lead to an increased risk of hypertension.... READ ON
U.S. Creates Protected Zone for Atlantic Deep-Sea Corals
The Frank R. Lautenberg Deep Sea Coral Protection Area is off-limits for commercial fishing practices that affect the sea floor.... READ ON
Could Feeding Seaweed to Cows Help Save the Climate?
Scientists were able to reduce methane production by 99 percent in preliminary tests on artificial cow stomachs.... READ ON
UPS Tests Package Delivery by Electric Bikes in Portland
The company already uses regular bicycles for holiday deliveries in the cycling-friendly city.... READ ON
This Company Uses Trash From Haiti to Create Ethical Fabrics
Thread International tries to combat the pollution of the fast-fashion industry.... READ ON
Danish City to Power Water Treatment Plant Using Sewage
A crappy idea we can get behind.... READ ON
St. Petersburg, Florida Pledges to Run Exclusively on Renewable Energy
It will be the first city in Florida to do so.... READ ON
Durable Solar Roads Will Be Tested on Four Continents
The super-strong panels can support an 18-wheeler truck.... READ ON

Ice Cream was served to new arrivals at Ellis Island. However, since most people hadn’t encountered it before, they simply figured it was butter and spread it on their toast.

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