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6 Creative Recycling Efforts From Around the Globe
This Earth Day, get inspired to think outside the plastic bin.... READ ON
A Founder of Earth Day Looks Back on How It Began
On April 22, 1970, Denis Hayes stood on a stage in Central Park, stunned by the number of people who'd come to honor the planet.... READ ON
Live Smarter
All National Parks Are Offering Free Admission This Weekend
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Antarctica Is Covered in Rivers, Lakes, and Waterfalls. That Might Not Be Good.
Finding water on Mars? Amazing! Finding water in Antarctica? Potentially scary.... READ ON
Color Your Way Through Air Pollution With a Climate Change Coloring Book
Brian Foo's coloring book illustrates data on how climate change is altering the planet.... READ ON
Yosemite Falls Has Been Revived By the Drought-Ending Winter
The falls are the fullest they've been in years.... READ ON
California Moves to Turn Freeway Traffic Into Electricity
Gridlock could be turned into something useful.... READ ON
Selfie-Takers Are Damaging California’s Super Bloom
Tourists looking for the perfect Instagram shot can leave damage that lasts for years.... READ ON
NASA Puts the Planet Up for Adoption in Time for Earth Day
One section can be (symbolically) yours.... READ ON
This Edible Water Blob Could Change Hydration Forever
Ooho! might be the future's green alternative to plastic bottles.... READ ON
Airplane Turbulence Could Get Much Worse in Coming Decades
China Plans to Build New City to Deal With Overpopulation
"Xiongan New Area" is part of a plan to help people move out of crowded, smoggy Beijing.... READ ON
Pennsylvania Wildlife Center Gives Orphaned Animals a New Lease on Life
The Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Pennsylvania rescues and rehabilitates more than 5200 injured and orphaned animals per year.... READ ON
New Recycling Method Could Make Fast Fashion Less Wasteful
Unlike current textile recycling methods, this new fabric would come out even stronger afterward.... READ ON
Massive Fog-Harvesting Operation Begins in Morocco
Mesh billboards will capture the mountain region’s copious fog so it can be turned into drinking water.... READ ON
Introducing Ice Cream Made from Food Waste
Saving the planet—one scoop at a time.... READ ON

Engineers have mimicked the small bumps and waxy covering from a small desert beetle to increase the efficiency of the nets that are used to collect water from the air in 22 countries.

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