Married Entomologists Donate Insect Collection Worth $10 Million
The duo is giving their collection to the university that brought them together.... READ ON
Moths Use Their Long Tails to Confuse Bat Sonar
Crafty!... READ ON
Miss Cellania
17 Species Named After Star Wars Characters
There are Star Wars fans everywhere, including among the scientists who study life on Earth.... READ ON
Chinese Museum Says It Has Found the World's Longest Insect
The stick insect is two feet long.... READ ON
Bedbugs Have Favorite Colors, Study Finds
Bedbugs prefer dark colors, according to a new study.... READ ON
See What a Bumblebee’s Brain Looks Like
New scanning techniques make it possible to image tiny insect brains.... READ ON
7 Questions About the Zika Virus, Answered
What is it, and why has it exploded now?... READ ON
The 1899 Kissing Bug Epidemic That (Probably) Wasn't
The Average American Home Has About 100 Different Bug Species
The average house surveyed was home to about 100 species of insects, arachnids, and other bugs, most of which are completely harmless.... READ ON
Lyme Disease-Spreading Ticks Now in Almost Half of U.S. Counties
It's been nearly 20 years since the last study on the distribution of disease-carrying ticks.... READ ON
Watch Ants Act Like Tiny Farmers With Aphid Livestock
Ants have kept aphids as livestock for thousands of years.... READ ON
Cockroaches Can Communicate Through Gut Bacteria
The cockroach microbiome is responsible for the insects’ ability to find friends, a new study finds.... READ ON
Spider Webs Are Chock Full of DNA from Devoured Insects
A new study on the genetic material from spider webs finds that there’s more to them than we'd once thought.... READ ON
Watch Slow Motion Crickets Dance Through the Air
At 400 frames per second, crickets become ballerinas.... READ ON
Robber Ants Spend Their Days Stealing From Other Nests
Thieves may be an established caste among some ant species.... READ ON
Male Crickets Bribe Their Mates With 'Gummy Bears'
The chewy nuptial gifts have no nutritional value.... READ ON

Late popcorn king Orville Redenbacher wasn't just a TV spokesman. He spent his life developing hybrid varieties of corn that would produce the best popping kernels.

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