Learn a Language While You Wait for People to Respond to Your Gchats
An MIT project is trying to help people learn during brief moments of online waiting.... READ ON
The University of Tennessee Offers a Dolly Parton-Themed History Class
“Dolly’s America” uses Parton's personal journey as a lens through which to examine modern Appalachian culture.... READ ON
Let Steve Martin Teach You How to Be Funny
The actor/writer/comedian can add "professor" to his resume.... READ ON
Video Games
The University of Utah is Offering Scholarships to Video Gamers
And they said games were a waste of time.... READ ON
5 Times Student Newspapers Broke Big Stories
The future of journalism looks bright.... READ ON
The Quiet Strength of Julia, the First Muppet with Autism
The first new felt-faced Sesame Street cast member in a decade spent years in development. Her objective? To help viewers better understand the complex world of autism.... READ ON
What Is Math Anxiety?
And how do you quell it?... READ ON
Married Entomologists Donate Insect Collection Worth $10 Million
The duo is giving their collection to the university that brought them together.... READ ON
Boston Public Schools Are Adopting a More Accurate World Map
The district began phasing out the Mercator map this month.... READ ON
Can You Figure Out This Math Problem Intended for 7-Year-Olds?
Are you smarter than a second-grader?... READ ON
Live Smarter
American Library Association Updates Its CRAAP Test for Spotting Fake News
One part of the system recently required a closer look.... READ ON
Live Smarter
5 Courses That Will Help You Become a Better Adult
The Adulting School in Portland, Maine, is just the tip of the iceberg.... READ ON
10 Self-Defense Tips From Boxer Jack Dempsey, Circa 1950
"Even an innocent little baby can become a dangerous missile when its body weight is set into fast motion.”... READ ON
Cursive Is Regaining Popularity in U.S. Schools
Traditional script isn't disappearing anytime soon.... READ ON
America’s First Mandatory Education Law Was Inspired by Satan
The Puritans were preoccupied with the devil’s doings.... READ ON
Indian School Specializes in Educating Elderly Women
Aajibaichi Shala is India's first "school for grandmothers."... READ ON

In 2010, a sex pheromone found in male mouse urine was named "darcin" for Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy.

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