Watch: Stanley Kubrick's Boxes
"It's like the '2001' of boxes." -Jon Ronson, commenting on one of Kubrick's custom-made boxes... READ ON
Tuesday on American Experience: Tesla
All about the "patron saint of geeks."... READ ON
Traceroute, A Documentary about Nerds and Annihilation
"Maybe the physically impossible promise of 'unlimited breadsticks' haunts my skeptical mind." -Johannes Grenzfurthner... READ ON
Monday on PBS: James Randi in An Honest Liar
"No matter how smart or well-educated you are, you can be deceived." -James Randi... READ ON
Renaissance Faires Are a Way of Life for These Traveling Performers
In the short documentary 'American Renaissance,' directors Jarred Alderman and Ryan Scafuro go behind the scenes at the New York Renaissance Faire.... READ ON
Monday on HBO: Becoming Mike Nichols
"There are only three types of scenes: negotiations, seductions, and fights." -Mike Nichols... READ ON
Watch the History of the Apollo Program
To the moon!... READ ON
Watch This: Powers of Ten
A zoom through the universe...and inside ourselves.... READ ON
The Time Australia Accidentally Overran Itself With Toads
Humans have a long history of clever ideas that go horribly wrong.... READ ON
Required Viewing: Everything is a Remix
How George Lucas, Led Zeppelin, the Beastie Boys, and tons of artists borrowed from others...and why that's okay.... READ ON
'Star Wars Begins,' The Complete Filmumentary
If you like 'Star Wars,' set aside two hours to watch this.... READ ON
Raiding the Lost Ark: The Ultimate Raiders Companion
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" is 115 minutes long. This movie ABOUT "Raiders" is 143.... READ ON
Tales from the World's Longest Yard Sale
The "127 Sale" is a 690-mile stretch of yard sales from Alabama to Michigan. Here's what happens there.... READ ON
Video Premiere: Richard Feynman on Understanding
"My father, you see, interested me in patterns at the very beginning, and then later in things, like we would turn over stones and watch the ants carry the little white babies down deeper into the holes. We would look at worms. We’d go for walks and we’d look at things all the time: the stars, the way birds fly. He was always telling me interesting things."... READ ON
Video Premiere: A Man, a Plan, a Palindrome
A world champion palindromist explains his passion for wordplay.... READ ON
Video Premiere: Jane Goodall on Instincts
The world premiere of a short film featuring Jane Goodall, chimpanzee expert and conservationist.... READ ON

Only one U.S. state's name ends with the letter "K." It's New York. Likewise, only one U.S. state's name ends with the letter "G": Wyoming.

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