New Test Uses Gene Editing Technology CRISPR to Detect Disease
SHERLOCK is fast, cheap, and can accurately detect infections like Zika virus and Dengue fever and even cancer-causing mutations.... READ ON
New Therapy Shrinks Five Types of Pediatric Cancers in Mice
“You can imagine a situation where instead of giving different types of drugs for different tumors, we can just say, ‘Here is the treatment. It’s universal.’”... READ ON
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Furry Friends Could Help Prevent Allergies and Obesity in Babies
A study found higher levels of protective bacteria in infants who lived with cats and dogs.... READ ON
Scientists Find a Virus That Can Cause Celiac Disease
The researchers say vaccinating kids against the virus could help prevent new cases of the autoimmune condition.... READ ON
Scientists Say They've Identified a Gene Linked to Anorexia
This gene may give scientists a new tool to understand the eating disorder—and steps toward potential new treatment.... READ ON
Scientists Reverse Paralysis in Mice After a Single Treatment
First they began to walk, then could stand on their hind limbs, and eventually they regained full function of all limbs.... READ ON
Researchers Make Progress on a Pill to Stop Type 2 Diabetes
The drug reversed the symptoms of type 2 diabetes in obese mice.... READ ON
DNA Copying Errors Could Be the Most Common Cause of Cancer
Researchers say the majority of cancer-causing mutations may be the result of errors created in the DNA replication process, not of environmental factors or heredity.... READ ON
Map Shows How Everyone Blamed Syphilis on Everyone Else
Throughout history, people were quick to point fingers at each other.... READ ON
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2017 Might be a Bad Year for Lyme Disease
Warmer temperatures have led to an increase in the tick population. Here's how to avoid them.... READ ON
New Study Finds No Link Between Childhood Cat Ownership and Psychosis
Contrary to prior reports, the new study found that living with a cat before birth or in childhood did not increase adolescents’ risk of experiencing psychotic episodes.... READ ON
Scientists Make Progress Toward a Safe, Effective Zika Vaccine
Their findings were published today in the journal Nature.... READ ON
Scientists Convert Human Skin Cells Into Cancer Killers
They turned the cells into drug carriers that tracked and attacked brain tumors.... READ ON
New Technology "Reads" the Thoughts of ALS Patients
Researchers were able to communicate with ALS patients suffering from complete locked-in syndrome.... READ ON
New Global Consortium Aims to Create and Stockpile New Vaccines
The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations hopes to get out in front of potential epidemics.... READ ON
Researchers Can Now Make Mosquitos Dengue Resistant
Mosquitos can be genetically engineered to make them less susceptible to the deadly virus, making them less likely to infect humans.... READ ON

In order to better survive the cold, polar bears have evolved to have black skin, thick blubber, and hollow, translucent hairs that trap heat. Polar bears are so well-insulated that they are almost invisible under infra-red light.

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