The Legend of London's Time-Traveling Tomb
Deep in London's historic Brompton Cemetery sits a mausoleum that houses a Victorian heiress, her daughters, and a time-travel story that keeps growing.... READ ON
A Historic Graveyard in Slovenia Is Now Home to a Digital Tombstone
The gravestone has an interactive screen capable of displaying pictures, video, and other types of digital odes to the deceased.... READ ON
The Poop of Young Fish Can Help Older Ones Live Longer
The microbiome of youth could have anti-aging properties when transplanted into older individuals.... READ ON
The Time a Ghost Had His Day in Court
James Chaffin died before he could tell his family he had revised his will. He haunted his son until the mistake was corrected.... READ ON
Florida Is Opening a New Body Farm
The Florida Forensic Institute for Research, Security and Tactical Training (FIRST) will be the seventh facility of its kind in the U.S.... READ ON
The Church With a Cemetery in the Basement
Sheltered from the elements, the tombstones are remarkably well-preserved.... READ ON
The Highly Unusual Funeral of Lee Harvey Oswald
Fearing attacks on his corpse, the Secret Service guarded Lee Harvey Oswald well into the afterlife.... READ ON
Funko is Now Offering Disney Mystery Boxes
The Disney Treasures subscription service will deliver exclusive, Mickey Mouse-approved items directly to your door.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Surprising Viking Boat Burial Found in Scotland
Such ships have previously been unearthed across Scandinavia, but recently, archaeologists report the first discovery of a rich Viking boat burial on the UK mainland.... READ ON
11 People Who Turned Up Alive at Their Own Funeral
Sometimes, the most unexpected guest shows up.... READ ON
Could Jack Have Fit on that Door? Titanic Director Says No
In a recent interview, James Cameron calls out 'Mythbusters' for suggesting that Jack and Rose both could have survived.... READ ON
8 Ways Domestic Cats Are a Serious Threat to Nature
We adore them too. Really. But this is a major problem.... READ ON
Dead Air: The Talk Show Guest Who Died on Dick Cavett's Stage
In 1971, one of the country's most famous health advocates visited talk show host Dick Cavett. He didn't make it past the second commercial break.... READ ON
In Australia, Horses Kill More People Than Venomous Creatures Do
But you should still watch out for bees.... READ ON
“Mirrors With Memories”: Why Did Victorians Take Pictures of Dead People?
In the 19th and early 20th century, postmortem photography was as normal as prom photos.... READ ON
9 Macabre Auctions of Celebrity Memorabilia
A vial of blood, a scrap of wallpaper from a death room, and Marilyn Monroe's last check.... READ ON

Researchers in Japan have developed a camera that can capture 4.4 trillion frames per second. Phone cameras max out around 120 frames per second.

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