8 Animals That Have Been Imprisoned or Arrested
These critters are proof that crime can sometimes be cuddly.... READ ON
When the Mob Protested The Godfather
Before filming began, men with ties to organized crime made it clear that Paramount would need to meet certain demands—or else.... READ ON
10 Fascinating Tours for True Crime Buffs
Historical bad guys can fascinate even the most law-abiding among us.... READ ON
Researchers Have Created a Stabbing Robot to Solve Crimes
The knife-wielding machine could help forensic investigators identify blade characteristics from the holes they leave in fabric.... READ ON
'Grammar Vigilante' Is Correcting Street Signs, One Apostrophe at a Time
It would be "more of a crime" to leave incorrect punctuation standing, the man told a reporter.... READ ON
Revisiting the First 'Trial of the Century,' More Than 215 Years Later
In 1800, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr—history’s most famous frenemies—teamed up to get Levi Weeks acquitted of murder.... READ ON
When Chicago Gangsters Carried Business Cards
A new book collects "compliment cards" carried by Chicagoland gang members in the 1970s and 1980s.... READ ON
This Code Has Stumped the FBI for Over 15 Years
Cracking this code could solve a murder.... READ ON
112 Years Ago, Fingerprints Pointed to Murder in London
In 1905, brothers Alfred and Albert Stratton became the first people in England to be convicted of murder based on fingerprint evidence. The rest of the law enforcement world took notice.... READ ON
15 Killer Facts About Zodiac
7. It was Jennifer Aniston who suggested Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo for the film.... READ ON
5 People Who Were Suspected of Being Jack the Ripper
Modern research still hasn't solved the case, but these are some intriguing possibilities.... READ ON
Serial Creators Announce Release Date for S-Town, Their New Murder Mystery Podcast
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Could Brain Imaging Reveal Your Mental State During a Crime?
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15 Incorruptible Facts About The Shield
The groundbreaking FX drama shocked a lot of people, including Glenn Close's mother.... READ ON
How 9 Famous Acquitted Defendants Spent Their Lives
Here’s how life shook out for a few acquitted defendants in high-profile trials.... READ ON
Giuseppe Dosi, Italy's Famed Detective and Master of Disguise
He had at least 17 confirmed disguises, and five fully fleshed-out identities complete with fake identity documents, background stories, and even their own penmanship.... READ ON

While many think Hydrox cookies were an Oreo knock-off, Hydrox actually came first. They were first made in 1908, four years before the Oreo.

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