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This Phishing Scam Is Targeting Gmail Accounts by Posing as Your Contacts
Gmail users are reporting a phishing scam that comes masquerading as one of your contacts.... READ ON
Live Smarter
How Your Sloppy Email Subject Lines Are Affecting Your Work
A new analysis shows that we're more error-prone during the first day of the work week—and that these mistakes affect response rate.... READ ON
New Amiga Documentary Highlights the History of the Retro Computer
The platform still has a cult following today.... READ ON
Border Control Agencies May One Day Use AI to Detect Travelers’ Lies
If you lie about that fruit you’ve brought back from another country, AVATAR will call you out on it.... READ ON
LEGO BOOST Brings Toys to Life by Teaching Kids How to Code
LEGO is teaching kids to program their own movable, talking toys.... READ ON
Unlock the Time-Saving Power of Your Keyboard's Function Keys
Unlock your keyboard's full potential.... READ ON
Ridesharing Apps Could Easily Replace Taxis in New York City
A new study shows that it wouldn’t be hard for companies like Uber or Lyft to take over taxi rides with carpooling services.... READ ON
Watch Computer Experts Discuss the Y2K Problem in 1999
"The Windows 98 Y2K Patch fixes all these issues." -Don Jones, Microsoft... READ ON
This Tiny PC Runs Windows 10, Costs Less Than $250, and Fits in Your Pocket
The Ockel Sirius B Windows 10 pocket PC is small in size but big on power.... READ ON
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Get the Apple TV 'Aerial' Screensaver on Your Mac (or PC)
Thanks, internet!... READ ON
Doctors in India Are Using AI to Combat Blindness
Machine learning is being used to better understand the spread of blindness and predict the success rates of eye surgeries.... READ ON
39 Fun Questions to Ask Amazon Echo
"Alexa, what are the three laws of robotics?"... READ ON
Watch: The Brilliant Life of Ada Lovelace
She wrote the first computer 1843.... READ ON
The Most Famous Teapot in Computing History
Even if you don't recognize this teapot, you've probably seen it.... READ ON
Listen to a Cheery Holiday Song Written by an AI Program
This likely won't become a Christmas classic.... READ ON
Watch How Computers Sort Lists (It's Complicated)
How fast can you alphabetize 1,280 books? See how computer scientists can make the process much faster.... READ ON

SeaWorld began as a plan by four UCLA alums to open an ocean-themed restaurant with a marine show.

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