This Interactive Map Lets You See Which Local Bridges Are Safe
More than 130,000 bridges in the U.S. are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.... READ ON
David Bowie's Birthplace May Soon Be Home to a Giant Lightning Bolt Sculpture
The sculpture would resemble the one painted across Bowie's face on the cover of 1973's 'Aladdin Sane.'... READ ON
New York's Golden Girls-Themed Cafe Is Finally Here
They serve cheesecake, naturally.... READ ON
Jaywalking Behavior Varies by Culture, Study Confirms
An analysis of French and Japanese crosswalks found that the former are much more likely to cross against a red light.... READ ON
Go Inside an Intensely Detailed Minecraft Version of Downtown Chicago
The virtual version of the city took years to complete.... READ ON
What a Square Mile of a City's Grid Looks Like Around the World
Compare the unique layouts of Atlanta, Rome, Tunis, and more.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Do Some Sections of Sidewalk Have Bumps?
For some pedestrians, they're essential to getting around.... READ ON
Indonesian City Considers Erecting a Giant Statue of a Vampiric Ghost
Officials think the spooky attraction would be good for tourism.... READ ON
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Opening Your Car Door Like the Dutch Do Can Save Cyclists' Lives
The "Dutch Reach" forces drivers to check for incoming cyclists before a collision occurs.... READ ON
New York Is Launching a Citywide Book Club
All 8.5 million residents are invited to join.... READ ON
These Bike Path Maps Are Designed to Look Like Subway Routes
To make bike maps truly useful, make them simple.... READ ON
Maryland May Soon Be Home to a New Guinness Brewery 
It would be Guinness's first U.S. brewery in more than 60 years.... READ ON
City Maps Replace Transit Stops With Popular Instagram Hashtags
#Cronut, #innout, and #currywurst are all included.... READ ON
Meet the Secret Grammarians in Ecuador Who Correct Graffiti Mistakes
These grammar police are taking it to the streets.... READ ON
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The Most Rat- and Roach-Infested Cities in the U.S.
One city reported vermin in 2 out of 5 households.... READ ON
Emperor Augustus’s Mausoleum in Rome Set for Restoration
The long-overdue restoration will be completed with a donation from an Italian telecommunications company.... READ ON

Prior to the 1800s, people tried to clean their teeth using eggshells and abrasives. Not until 1824 did an American dentist named Peabody come up with the idea to add soap to tooth powder, thus giving it a cleansing agent.

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