Canada Day
Miss Cellania
10 Things Made from Maple Syrup
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12 Facts You Need to Know About Bryan Adams
His first record contract was worth $1.... READ ON
10 Amazing Facts about Alexander Graham Bell
The telephone was invented for love.... READ ON
Canada's Trippy History of LSD Therapy
In the 1950s, Saskatchewan was home to a group of doctors who had an answer for alcoholism: tons of acid.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Is Cheese So Expensive in Canada?
It’s all thanks to a little something called supply management.... READ ON
The Great Farini, Canada's Most Fascinating Man
For William Leonard Hunt, life was a high wire act.... READ ON
Black Mike Winage, the Most Determined Prospector in the Klondike
He managed to strike a bonanza six decades after the Gold Rush ended.... READ ON
8 Mythical Canadian Monsters
It's still largely a vast and wild place, so it should come as no surprise that Canada has its very own pantheon of legendary beasts.... READ ON
A Brief History of Poutine
Walk down a street after a hard night of drinking in Montréal and you’d be hard-pressed not seeing someone gorging themselves on poutine, a high-calorie classic staple of Québécois casse-croûtes—or “greasy spoon”—cuisine.... READ ON
Tracing the Obscure Trail of the Nanaimo Bar, Canada’s Favorite Confection
They're the pride of Canada’s dessert case. But did they really come from their namesake city?... READ ON
Big Question
Where Does the Word 'Hoser' Come From?
Fans of the legendary sketch comedy show 'SCTV' are probably familiar with Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas’ dim-witted characters Bob and Doug McKenzie, the Molson beer-swilling Canadian brothers who ended each sentence with everyone’s favorite stereotypical Canadian interjection, “eh.” But it was the pair's catchphrase—“Take off, you hoser!”—that really gained traction in popular language.... READ ON
See the World's Largest Congregation of Snakes at This Spot in Manitoba
Every spring and autumn, tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes gather at the Narcisse snake dens.... READ ON
11 of Canada’s Weirdest Demonyms
Are you a Sootie, a Coastie, or an NDGer?... READ ON
The 7 Most Canadian Superheroes Ever
They’ve battled supernatural villains, Nazi invaders, and American corporate influence.... READ ON
Pastagate: How Pasta Fooled the Québécois Language Police
Quebec has created public organizations meant to uphold particular cultural characteristics—and sometimes they might go a little too far.... READ ON
Was Canada's Longest-Serving PM Also Its Strangest?
William Lyon Mackenzie King may have gotten some of his best advice from dead people, his dogs, and …. shaving cream.... READ ON

The genetic mutation that causes red hair also causes redheads to be more resistant to anesthesia. They can require up to 25% more than patients of other hair colors.

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