What did I just watch?
Watch: Creating Your Success With Posture And Personality, 1949
"Jack may be an A student, but his personality and poise would be improved if his posture were not so lopsided."... READ ON
Egyptian Bookstore's 'Scream Room' Lets Customers Yell All They Want
Because everyone's felt the impulse to run into the closet, shut the door, and shriek out the tension.... READ ON
What did I just watch?
You Can Watch Paint Drying On YouTube (Thanks, Internet!)
If you'd rather watch paint dry, now you can.... READ ON
What did I just watch?
Powering Up a 20,000-Watt Light Bulb
This light bulb's "filament" is eight garage door springs.... READ ON
Hunter S. Thompson's Daily Routine
15 Historical Theories on How to Be Lucky
Luck seems to have a lot to do with food, underpants, and what’s inside them.... READ ON
What did I just watch?
Simone Giertz and Adam Savage Build a Robotic Popcorn Helmet
Pointless but delightful.... READ ON
The Surprising Intelligence of Slime Molds
That's a pretty clever pulsating blob of goo.... READ ON
Video Games
The Grand Theft Auto V Deer Cam
This deer plays GTA V better than we ever did.... READ ON
Why Do These Liquids Look Alive?
Food coloring has never looked so beautiful.... READ ON
Can You See These Freaky Dot Patterns?
"Human eyes cannot help [but] connect the dots." -Tadashi Tokieda... READ ON
Watch Beyond the Mind's Eye, 1992's Computer-Animated Trip
The adjective "rad" comes to our mind's eye.... READ ON
Porcupines Sound Like Crazed Ewoks
Sometimes you come across a YouTube video that changes everything.... READ ON
The Mysterious Case of Severed Feet in British Columbia
In the last eight years, 15 human feet have washed up on the shore.... READ ON
I Am the Computer Man
This is the most '80s thing that happened in Canada. Or maybe anywhere.... READ ON
Why These Cars Looked Like They Were Levitating on Video
The mysterious phenomenon has a simple explanation.... READ ON

In present day politics, a sex scandal can destroy a career. However, when Grover Cleveland ran for President, it was rumored that he fathered an illegitimate child. He took responsibility and the American public elected him to the White House anyway.

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