This Bike Map Shows You Where It's Safe to Ride
Mapzen's bike map grades a city's bike lane safety in tiers from safest to least safe.... READ ON
Berlin Is Planning New Bicycle Superhighways
The city wants to be able to compete with bike havens like Copenhagen and Amsterdam.... READ ON
Wichita Gets Safer Bike Lanes Thanks to Toilet Plungers
Plunging toward traffic safety.... READ ON
This Light-Up Bike Helmet Helps Keep Cyclists Safe at Night
The helmet, called Lumos, has a brake light and turn signals.... READ ON
Oakland's First All-Black, All-Harley Biker Club
Live Smarter
Opening Your Car Door Like the Dutch Do Can Save Cyclists' Lives
The "Dutch Reach" forces drivers to check for incoming cyclists before a collision occurs.... READ ON
These Bike Path Maps Are Designed to Look Like Subway Routes
To make bike maps truly useful, make them simple.... READ ON
UPS Tests Package Delivery by Electric Bikes in Portland
The company already uses regular bicycles for holiday deliveries in the cycling-friendly city.... READ ON
Bike Hotel Makes Cycling Simpler for Norwegian Commuters
The building doubles as a welcoming public space.... READ ON
Designer Wins International Award for Foldable Cardboard Helmet
It's 100 percent biodegradable, and can easily be tucked inside a bag.... READ ON
Morocco Welcomes Africa’s First Bike Share Program
The launch coincides with the UN's climate change conference in Marrakech.... READ ON
Arlington National Cemetery Bans Bikes And Pets
Service animals and working military dogs are still permitted, as are authorized visitors on bicycles.... READ ON
A Smelly Bike Locks Drives Thieves Away By Making Them Vomit
If someone does try to steal your bike, they're in for a horrifying surprise.... READ ON
Texas A&M Now Has Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Lanes
They're solar powered.... READ ON
Airbags May Be Safer Than Helmets for Bicyclists
Don't like wearing a helmet? Soon, you may not have to.... READ ON
This LEGO Hair Bike Helmet Might Prevent Brain Trauma
A design firm is hoping to convince kids to wear helmets by turning them into LEGO figures.... READ ON

In 1865, six-year-old Teddy Roosevelt watched Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession in New York City.

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