Big Question
Did William Henry Harrison Really Die of Pneumonia?
People are still torn over the belief that the ninth president died of pneumonia after not wearing a coat to his inauguration.... READ ON
Big Question
How Do "Skinny" Mirrors Work?
All it takes is a slight curve in the glass.... READ ON
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Why Do the Bubbles in a Guinness Sink?
Presented by Guinness.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Is There No "E" Grade?
Spoiler alert: there used to be.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Don’t Royals Use a Last Name?
They have one, but don't often use it.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Do People Say 'Bias' Instead of 'Biased'?
It’s an error you see a lot these days, and it happens for a variety of reasons.... READ ON
Big Question
What Makes the Center of Ice Cubes White?
Blame it on oxygen.... READ ON
Big Question
What’s the Difference Between Club Soda, Seltzer, and Sparkling Water?
They all sparkle. They all bubble. And they’re all water. But they're not interchangeable.... READ ON
Big Question
Why is Friday the 13th Considered Unlucky?
For anyone suffering from paraskavedekatriaphobia...... READ ON
Big Question
Why Are Wedding Rings Worn on the Left Hand?
For years, couples have dedicated that finger to romance when any other digit would do.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Can’t You Buy Dippin’ Dots in Grocery Stores?
This futuristic treat isn't easy to bring home.... READ ON
Big Question
How Many Electoral Votes Did George Washington Have?
Our first president can also claim the only unanimous electoral college wins in history.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Do We Make New Year's Resolutions?
Blame the ancient Babylonians.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Are There 24 Hours in a Day?
Because we told you so. Now go to bed.... READ ON
How Much Money Would the Ghostbusters' Business Actually Be Worth?
Who knew that busting ghosts could be so lucrative?... READ ON
Big Question
Where Does ‘Ditto’ Come From?
It predates Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore's on-screen exchange, and the copy machine.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Do Rockets Need So Much Fuel If, In Space, There Is Nothing to Slow Them Down?
Rockets are conventionally built to have multiple stages.... READ ON
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