Climate Change Might Ruin Fall Foliage
It may dull autumn’s vibrant red and yellow hues.... READ ON
Ruby-Red Seadragons and Other New Species Make Top 10 List
SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry asked an international committee of scientists to choose the most notable finds in the past year.... READ ON
Prehistoric Beetle Had Wings Like Helicopter Blades
Its propeller-like wings likely helped it travel long distances.... READ ON
Robotically Constructed, Beetle-Inspired Structure Opens in London
Visitors at the Victoria & Albert Museum can thank the robots for their shady resting spot this summer.... READ ON
Dung Beetles Navigate Using Mental Snapshots of the Sky
The “dance” they do on those balls of dung is a way for the beetles to get their bearings.... READ ON
This Newly Discovered Beetle Is Named After Chewbacca
We see the resemblance.... READ ON
Big Question
How Do Water Beetles Breathe Underwater?
They have more in common with SCUBA divers than you'd imagine.... READ ON
Watch Beetles Dine on Fish Corpses in This Timelapse
Three weeks of decomposition are shown in less than five minutes.... READ ON
Mother Beetles Release Unattractive Pheromones to Turn Off Frisky Males
Chemical signals let their partners know it's not happening.... READ ON
10,000 Ceramic Insects Swarm English Manor
Artist Anna Collette Hunt’s “Stirring the Swarm” is a gorgeous, unsettling, and immersive fairy tale.... READ ON
Watch This Waterlily Beetle 'Ski' Across the Water
This would be like humans water skiing at 300 miles per hour.... READ ON
Male Beetles Mount Other Males to Establish Dominance, Study Finds
Same-sex behavior may be a shortcut to avoiding fights.... READ ON
Beetle Tricks Ants by Speaking their Language(s)
Dung Beetles Use the Milky Way for Navigation
The dung beetle has nature's smartest GPS.... READ ON
Afternoon Map
Regional Breakdown of "Firefly" Vs. "Lightning Bug"
A visual breakdown of the use of "firefly" versus "lightning bug."... READ ON
12 Unsettling Facts About The Metamorphosis
"When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning..."... READ ON

According to a law passed in 2007, at least 20% of $1 coins produced by the U.S. Mint must feature Native Americans.

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