China Is Using Technology to Thwart Toilet Paper Thieves
New toilet paper dispensers with facial recognition software may prevent thieves from swiping sheets of toilet paper from bathrooms at tourist sites.... READ ON
Parisian Street Urinals Turn Pee Into Compost
In Paris, even peeing in public is fancy.... READ ON
A "Toilet Revolution" Is Coming to Public Bathrooms in China
The country's $290 billion tourism investment will include 100,000 new and upgraded public toilets.... READ ON
Chicago’s Midway Airport Now Has a Bathroom Just for Pets
Airports are now required to have pet relief areas, making doggie pit stops a more common sight in terminals.... READ ON
London Reopens Beautiful Historic Sewage Facility
Crossness Pumping Station helped rid London of cholera in the Victorian era.... READ ON
Infographic: How to Navigate International Bathrooms
A guide to pooping around the world.... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
7 of the World’s Most Picturesque Places to Poop
A guide to the world’s most breathtaking toilets, courtesy of Lonely Planet.... READ ON
What Are Urinal Cakes, Anyway?
They are not to be eaten.... READ ON
Toilet Microbes Could Remove Hormones From the Water Supply
A student concept for a microbial membrane would act like a liver to filter out unwanted pharmaceuticals from sewage.... READ ON
The Ghosts of London’s Abandoned Public Toilets
An architectural photographer hunts down the relics of Victorian London's public hygiene efforts.... READ ON
Boeing is Developing Self-Cleaning Airplane Bathrooms 
Boeing is creating a plane bathroom that cleans itself using UV light.... READ ON
Check Out 9 Public Urinals From 19th Century Paris
Parisian men had a lot of public peeing options.... READ ON
Create Your Own Customized Poop Emoji
The WaterAid Emoji Creator raises awareness for world sanitation with adorable poop icons.... READ ON
America’s Best Restroom Is a Colorado Outhouse
Minturn, Colorado’s public bathrooms have a design inspired by the mining industry.... READ ON
Poop Could Be the World’s Next Big Energy Resource
Human waste could generate enough electricity to power 138 million households, according to a new report.... READ ON
Why Public Bathroom Sensors Don’t Always Work
The cause of all your public restroom frustrations, explained.... READ ON

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