Meet the Artist Who Makes Smelly Art from Sweat and Bacteria
Anicka Yi has an upcoming solo show at the Guggenheim Museum, opening April 21.... READ ON
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Infographic: The Dirtiest Surfaces in Hotel Rooms
You might want to consider just staying home.... READ ON
Scientists Figure Out How Some Probiotics Work
Beneficial bacteria give off a chemical that gives the immune system a gentle nudge.... READ ON
How TB Grew Stronger and Spread Wider with the Collapse of the USSR
A new study suggests that the breakup and subsequent turmoil allowed one TB strain to spread and evolve.... READ ON
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New York City ATMs Are Covered in Skin Microbes, Mold, and Food Bacteria
ATMs are gross—but just how gross can depend on where they're installed.... READ ON
Scientists Make Antibiotics from Bacteria Found in the Human Body
The new drugs may even be able to help treat MRSA—a condition that, by definition, is resistant to antibiotics.... READ ON
With This Smart Microscope, You Can Play Pac-Man With Live Microbes
Light-seeking microbes can be manipulated to become soccer balls and Pac-Man with LudasScope.... READ ON
Can a Daily Bacteria Spray Really Make You Smell Better Without Soap?
We put one company's hypothesis to the test.... READ ON
Watch Bacteria Evolve to Become Antibiotic Resistant
Researchers used a giant Petri dish to show how bacteria adapt to survive in high doses of antibiotics.... READ ON
U.S. Navy Files Patent for Ships Powered by Bacteria Farts
It proposes using gas-producing microorganisms to propel ships through the water.... READ ON
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Should You Still Be Using Bar Soap?
More and more households are giving up solid soap in favor of liquid. Is the latter really safer?... READ ON
Seal Poop Keeps Shutting Down a Cape Cod Beach
The beach is finally cleared for swimming—for now.... READ ON
How Cyanobacteria Created (and Nearly Destroyed) Life on Earth
A good reminder that not every life form is a fan of oxygen.... READ ON
Our Gut Microbiome Evolved Alongside Us, Study Finds
The types of bacteria that colonize our digestive tract may depend more on evolution than the environment around us.... READ ON
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Why Leftover Antibiotics Are a Problem
One-quarter of participants in a recent study said they have, or would, self-prescribe antibiotics without getting a diagnosis first.... READ ON
Could Gut Bacteria Help Diagnose ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’?
Researchers say they’ve found biological markers of the illness in the gut bacteria and blood of people with SEID.... READ ON

The Golden Hamster is native to Syria. In fact, all hamsters in captivity today can trace their roots back to the original litter discovered in 1930 by archaeologist Aaron Abrahams.

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