Watch How Stars Will Move Over the Next 5,000,000 Years
Constellations are temporary.... READ ON
Look Up Tonight! The Lyrids Meteor Shower Is Set to Stun
You can expect to see 10 meteors an hour tonight.... READ ON
The Fireball That Killed the Dinosaurs Could Help Us Find Life on Other Planets
The Chicxulub crater is providing new clues about how life may have begun on Earth about 4 billion years ago—and point us towards how and where we can look for life across the universe.... READ ON
New "Super-Earth" Exoplanet May Have Water—and Life
The planet resides in its star’s habitable zone, the slim "Goldilocks" orbit at which water can exist as a stable liquid.... READ ON
Look Up! A Huge Asteroid Is Whizzing Past Earth This Week
The 2000-foot space rock should be visible with a small optical telescope the night of April 19.... READ ON
How Will the Europa Lander Search for Life?
New details on the breaking-edge mission to the Jovian moon.... READ ON
You Can Help NASA Prove the Existence of Planet 9
The space agency is funding a massive crowdsourcing effort to comb through 200,000 images in search of a theorized ninth planet.... READ ON
Look Up! Jupiter Is Close, Bright, and Showing Its Stripes
Get your telescope: You’re going to see some magical things.... READ ON
5 Teams Aim for the Moon This Year—and the $20 Million Google Lunar XPrize
They have to beat the December 31, 2017 deadline.... READ ON
Astronomers Find Seven "Earth-Like" Planets Orbiting a Cool Star
“It’s the first time we have seven planets in this temperate zone … that can be called terrestrial,” lead author Michaël Gillon said in a press briefing.... READ ON
10 Weird Planetary Phenomena Discovered by Amateur Astronomers
Some seriously stellar discoveries have been made by at-home stargazers.... READ ON
Look Up! It's the Snow Moon Lunar Eclipse Comet Spectacular
A trifecta of celestial entertainment arrives tomorrow night.... READ ON
Hubble Captures Incredible View of Galaxy-Sized Maser
Imagine a galactic-scale laser shooting a beam of microwaves across space.... READ ON
Look Up! Venus Will Be Bright and a Little Strange Tonight
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Look Up! The Ursid Meteor Shower Is an Early Holiday Present
The Ursids peak in the early morning hours of December 22, after midnight through dawn.... READ ON
Look Up Again! The Final Supermoon of 2016 Rises Tonight
Good news: the supermoon will be bright! The bad news: it brightness will dampen your view of the Geminid meteor shower.... READ ON

The "Black Hills" of South Dakota are really mountains. Harney Peak, for instance, is taller than the tallest mountain in the Appalachians.

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