Nature-Inspired Sculptures, Made From Recycled Materials
Kate Kato's tiny sculptures pay homage to the natural world with paper, paint, and wire.... READ ON
This Artist Creates Amazingly Intricate Embroideries of Insects
Artist Humayrah Bint Altaf recreates the natural world in fabric.... READ ON
15 Facts About Monet's Water Lilies
Claude Monet's 'Water Lilies' is beloved around the world, a radiant example of French Impressionism and the glory found in nature. But their path from the artist’s yard to museum walls was one paved with obstacles, perfectionism—and a lot of gardening.... READ ON
George Lucas's Museum of Narrative Art Will Be Built in Los Angeles
The 'Star Wars' creator's long-awaited museum, which will see Norman Rockwell paintings hanging next to sketches from 'Indiana Jones,' is set to open by 2020.... READ ON
Artist Creates Monochromatic 'Abandoned' Mansions With LEGOs
The eerie homes look like they're crumbling from disrepair.... READ ON
Facebook Censors Image of Nude Neptune Statue
Make sure your favorite deities are wearing pants before you post a picture of them.... READ ON
Get an Up-Close Look at a Toilet Seat Art Museum
In San Antonio, Texas, a retired master plumber has created a bizarre roadside attraction known as Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum.... READ ON
5 Very Weird Themes in Medieval Manuscripts
This list could easily read “butts butts butts butts butts.”... READ ON
In 1990, Art Went on Trial in Cincinnati—and Won
Robert Mapplethorpe didn’t live long enough to see his art come under the microscope.... READ ON
Watch Iconic Film Scenes Paired With Their Original Storyboards
Gain insight into the creative processes behind 'The Dark Knight,' 'No Country for Old Men,' and 'The Empire Strikes Back.'... READ ON
Can You Spot the Sheep Among the Santas?
Ready, set, look...... READ ON
Artist Recreates Demolished Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings in Full Color
Few quality images survive of these historic structures.... READ ON
The Man Who Filled Newspapers With Monsters
Cartoonist and illustrator Walter McDougall had a bad attitude and a flair for the absurd.... READ ON
A Giant Bronze Hippo Ballerina Is Hitting the Streets of New York
The public art sculpture stands more than 15 feet tall.... READ ON
Pop-Up Video Store to Offer 14,000 Copies of Jerry Maguire
The Jerry Maguire Video Store will open in Los Angeles on January 13, 2017.... READ ON
The Art of Andy Warhol Just Got Cuddly
Turn your bed into an art gallery.... READ ON

Wilt Chamberlain was the only NBA center to lead the league in assists.

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