On This Day in 1964, the Unisphere Was Unveiled
The stainless steel rings symbolize three orbital pioneers: Yuri Gagarin, John Glenn, and Telstar.... READ ON
'Encyclopedia of Rainbows' Is the Perfect Book for Color Organizing Enthusiasts
Each page offers readers a different selection of eye candy.... READ ON
There's an Easter Egg Hiding in This Field of Tulips. Can You Find It?
Squint if you have to.... READ ON
The Michelangelo Sculpture that Melted Away
Some materials aren't as durable as marble.... READ ON
Jeff Koons Teams Up With Louis Vuitton to Create Art-Inspired Handbags
The "gazing ball" series has been reinvented for the fashion world.... READ ON
Can You Spot the Sleeping Baby?
No crying allowed.... READ ON
The Controversial History of a Famous Scottish Statue and Its Traffic Cone Hat
The Duke of Wellington's orange topper is a Glaswegian tradition—but historically, officials haven't been too happy about it.... READ ON
Meet the Artist Who Makes Smelly Art from Sweat and Bacteria
Anicka Yi has an upcoming solo show at the Guggenheim Museum, opening April 21.... READ ON
Upcoming Exhibition Will Explore a Year in the Artistic Life of Pablo Picasso
Held in Paris and London, "Picasso 1932" features more than 100 works from the period often referred to as the artist's "year of wonders."... READ ON
Sound-Absorbing Art Installation Offers Visitors Almost Total Silence
The room recreates the atmosphere of the desert in New York City.... READ ON
English Doesn’t Have a Word for This Color, but Japanese Does
While we might call it "light blue" or "sky blue," in Japan, "mizu" is considered a totally unique color.... READ ON
Watch an Artist's Sublime Visualization of Quantum Collisions
Markos Kay created it with input from researchers at CERN.... READ ON
'Grammar Vigilante' Is Correcting Street Signs, One Apostrophe at a Time
It would be "more of a crime" to leave incorrect punctuation standing, the man told a reporter.... READ ON
Artist Redesigns a Different Movie Poster Every Day for a Year
His ambitious project is finally complete.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Archaeologists Find 30,000-Year-Old Jewelry in Indonesia
They were found in a cave on the island of Sulawesi.... READ ON
15 Facts About The Last Supper
Little-known details about one of the most admired, and most reproduced, paintings in the world.... READ ON

The "Black Hills" of South Dakota are really mountains. Harney Peak, for instance, is taller than the tallest mountain in the Appalachians.

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