In the 19th Century, Drinking Too Much Tea Could Get You Sent to an Asylum
Blame it on the Earl Grey.... READ ON
What's the Difference?: Egg Roll vs. Spring Roll
The Dilemma: You find yourself at a Chinese restaurant craving cylindrical food. But of which variety?Who You Can Impress: All the folks down at Hunan Garden. No longer do you need to hang your head in shame!The Quick Trick: If it's got a shell like a deep fried tortilla, it's probably an egg roll. And if you're thinking that deep frying tortillas is awfully American for Chinese food, you're onto... READ ON
11 Highlights From the New York Public Library’s New Public Domain Collections
Go forth and download high-res images.... READ ON
16th Century Skeleton Found Under a Playground
A Scottish primary school was built over the unmarked grave of a man who was likely executed near the Newhaven harbor in the 16th century.... READ ON
Music History
3 Pieces of Music Jane Austen Hand Copied Into Her Personal Collection
The Austen family musical manuscripts have been digitized as part of a university project.... READ ON
A Rare Look at the Work of Young Sylvia Plath
Get a peek at the writer’s drawings and poems from when she was a child.... READ ON
Mayan Hieroglyphs Get a Digital Archive
Swiss researchers are cataloguing Maya texts to make pre-Columbian writing accessible to scientists all over the world.... READ ON
Help the New York Public Library With a Massive Archival Project
The 6,000-plus handwritten real estate records hold valuable information about the lives of immigrants who helped create New York.... READ ON
New York Libraries Are Digitizing Family Histories
A program called Culture in Transit is trying to preserve the history of New York City by scanning memorabilia.... READ ON
A Look Inside Iron Mountain, a Fort Knox of Cultural Treasures
The top-secret underground bunker is a records repository for some of the country's most valuable cultural history.... READ ON
15 Vintage Tips From Leica Photography Magazine
A look through the archives of the magazine reveals advice for photographing by dogsled and taking new-fangled color portraits.... READ ON
A New Project Is Digitizing 1.5 Million African American History Records From the Civil War
The Freedmen’s Bureau Project will index millions of 19th century family and work records from freed slaves.... READ ON
Afternoon Map
This is What the World Looked Like to Columbus
Miss Cellania
The Weird Week in Review
Google's Ginormous Life Magazine Photo Archive
Remember Life Magazine? I sure don't. Well, I recognize the name, but I don't think I ever read an issue. Despite my ignorance, since 1883, Life has been published in various forms, with most of its twentieth-century existence focusing on photojournalism. Life's last incarnation -- a newspaper supplement -- ceased publication last year. Now, Google and Life have teamed up to host the entire magazine's entire photo archive online. And this isn't just some publicity snaps -- when they're finished... READ ON
The Internet Archive Part 5 - Texts and Education
We've spent the week browsing through the Internet Archive, highlighting the best bits. Today we wrap up by looking at a few final collections of goodies. First up: the Text Archive. The big collection in this archive is Project Gutenberg, which contains over 20,000 books, including The Devil's Dictionary, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and the rather fabulous Alice's Adventures Under Ground: Being a facsimile of the original Ms. book afterwards developed into "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."... READ ON

The state fish of Hawaii is the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. The Hawaiian name roughly translates to "the fish with a pig-like nose." It's English name is the Reef Triggerfish.

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