Sleeping in a Tiny House
If the TV shows, documentaries, and countless blogs, Tumblr pages, and Pinterest accounts are any indication, tiny houses have become something of a craze. Our own Shaunacy Ferro wanted to know what the buzz was all about, so she booked a night at the Eleanor—an upstate New York luxury tiny house.... READ ON
Frank Gehry Is Teaching an Online Course in Architecture
Aspiring architects can now learn from the master without leaving home.... READ ON
Dubai May Soon Be Home to the World’s First 'Rotating Skyscraper'
Each independently rotating unit will cost $30 million.... READ ON
Go Inside an Intensely Detailed Minecraft Version of Downtown Chicago
The virtual version of the city took years to complete.... READ ON
Pavilion Made From Recycled Shipping Pallets Was Built to Resemble Ruins
More than 1200 pallets were salvaged to build the structure.... READ ON
8 Architectural Wonders Built in the Name of Love
Because sometimes flowers and a box of chocolates don’t quite cut it.... READ ON
Artist Sets Guinness World Record for Tallest Sand Castle
It’s a few inches shy of 49 feet.... READ ON
When UFO Homes Were Almost Considered Ski Lodge Alternatives
The Futuro Homes of the 1960s are scattered all over the globe.... READ ON
A 'Vertical Forest' Is Coming to China
The towers will act as more than just a pretty facade; they'll absorb 25 tons of CO2 per year and emit about 132 pounds of oxygen per day.... READ ON
This Restaurant Is Embedded Into Italy's Dolomites Mountain Range
It's one of the coziest ways to enjoy the area’s natural beauty.... READ ON
New Exhibit Highlights the Work of Black Architects
Black professionals make up just two percent of the field in the U.S.... READ ON
Breathtaking Photos of Abandoned and Forgotten Places
12 Facts About Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater
The home is built directly over a waterfall, integrating it with nature.... READ ON
Brutalist-Themed Coloring Book Lets You Color In Famous Concrete Landmarks
The pages feature William Pereira’s Geisel Library, Brussels' Marnix building, and more.... READ ON
Peek Inside America's Most Expensive Home, Which Can Be Yours for $250 Million
The helicopter from the 1980s TV series 'Airwolf' is included.... READ ON
Artist Recreates Demolished Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings in Full Color
Few quality images survive of these historic structures.... READ ON

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