Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Crusader-Era Shipwreck Discovered on Israeli Coast
The ship may have been helmed by soldiers fleeing the historic Siege of Acre.... READ ON
How Archaeologists and Locals Are Protecting Ancient Ruins in Peru
Shantytowns threaten to swallow Pachacámac, an important pre-Columbian archaeological complex.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Portugal’s Oldest Skull Adds to Puzzle of Human Evolution
It's about 400,000 years old.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
3200-Year-Old Statues of Pharaohs Unearthed in Cairo
Archaeologists believe the statues may depict the pharaohs Ramses the Great and his grandson Seti II.... READ ON
English Palace Identifies Marble Garden Planter as Roman Sarcophagus
The artifact is believed to date back to the 2nd century CE.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Danish Teen Uncovers Remains of WWII Plane and Its Pilot in His Backyard
The discovery started out as a school assignment.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Antibiotics, Pain Meds, and a Vegetarian Diet Found in Neanderthal Teeth
Dental plaque traps bits of food, bacteria, and pathogens. That might be bad news for you, but it’s good news for archaeologists.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
ISIS Destruction in Iraq Reveals 2700-Year-Old Palace
The ancient Assyrian site had been previously undiscovered.... READ ON
People Began Domesticating the Amazon Rain Forest 8000 Years Ago
We think of the Amazon as wild and untamed, but scientists have found concentrations of tree species near archaeological sites, suggesting a long history of cultivation.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Unusual 100,000-Year-Old Human Skulls Found in China
The finds bolster the idea that the precursors to modern humans were a diverse bunch who routinely interbred with one another.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
4 Spectacular Shipwrecks You Can Dive Near Chicago
Rediscover forgotten history—80 feet below the surface.... READ ON
McDonald's Unveils Excavated Roman Road Beneath Italian Location
They're billing the site as their "first museum-restaurant."... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Scientists Find Genetic Evidence of Matrilineal Dynasty at Chaco Canyon 
Nine high-status people buried there during a 330-year period share identical mitochondrial DNA, which is passed from mother to child.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Archaeologists Are Excavating a WWII Internment Camp in Hawaii
The Honouliuli Internment and POW Camp will eventually open as a national monument.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Surprising Viking Boat Burial Found in Scotland
Such ships have previously been unearthed across Scandinavia, but recently, archaeologists report the first discovery of a rich Viking boat burial on the UK mainland.... READ ON
Geoglyphs Are Evidence of Ancient Farming in the Rainforest
Archaeologists say the builders of ancient earthworks were farming and logging the rainforest for millennia before Europeans arrived.... READ ON

In 2003, the European Union came up with a novel solution for lowering soaring unemployment levels in Italy’s Campania region. With a grant of 1 million euros, the EU opened First Tel School, a program designed to train students to become game show host

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