A Magical Discovery: Introducing the ‘Sorting Hat’ Spider
J.K. Rowling said she was “truly honored” by the name researchers chose for the tiny “fantastic beast.”... READ ON
8 Silkily Engineered Facts About Spider Webs
Relative to weight, the strength of a spider web rivals steel and Kevlar, the material used to make bullet-proof vests.... READ ON
Jumping Spiders Can Hear Just Fine, Thank You Very Much
Scientists previously believed the tiny arachnids could only hear noises a few centimeters away.... READ ON
Watch This Cute Dancing Spider Entrance His Mate
If his dance moves don't impress, she eats him alive.... READ ON
Scientists Discover 7 Flamboyant New Peacock Spiders
The males of these Australian spiders know how to show off.... READ ON
A British Zoo Has Been Releasing Hundreds of Giant Spiders Into the Wild
The fen raft spider can grow to nearly the size of a mouse, feasts on fish, and was just released em masse in the UK.... READ ON
Virtual Reality Can Help Arachnophobes See Spiders as Less Terrifying
People who are afraid of spiders perceive them as bigger than they really are—but virtual reality can change that.... READ ON
Tarantula Venom Tapped for New Kind of Painkiller
If it makes it into therapeutic form, Pro-Tx II won’t be the first commercially viable toxin-derived pain reliever; an existing drug called Prialt, designed from the venom of marine snails, is often used as a last resort when morphine doesn’t stop chronic pain.... READ ON
Spiders Enjoy the Occasional Vegetarian Meal
The arachnids don't subsist on only insects, a new study shows.... READ ON
Arachnophobia Makes Spiders Look Bigger, Study Finds
The study not only found that arachnophobes consistently viewed spiders as larger than non-arachnophobes, but that arachnophobes did not miscalculate the size of other insects and animals.... READ ON
Black Widows’ Hourglass Markings Deter Potential Predators
Bugs, however, can’t see the warning signs.... READ ON
7 Unexpected Animal Beauty Pageants
Ticks' DNA Data May Someday Help Us Control Them
For such a small animal, the deer tick has a genome that was surprisingly hard to unravel.... READ ON
The Average American Home Has About 100 Different Bug Species
The average house surveyed was home to about 100 species of insects, arachnids, and other bugs, most of which are completely harmless.... READ ON
Lyme Disease-Spreading Ticks Now in Almost Half of U.S. Counties
It's been nearly 20 years since the last study on the distribution of disease-carrying ticks.... READ ON
Spider Webs Are Chock Full of DNA from Devoured Insects
A new study on the genetic material from spider webs finds that there’s more to them than we'd once thought.... READ ON

Amerigo Vespucci, for whom many historians believe America was named, was an Italian pickle merchant.

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