How Apple's '1984' Super Bowl Ad Was Almost Canceled
The inside story of the commercial that changed advertising, even though Apple's Board of Directors didn't want to run it at all.... READ ON
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8 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Smartphone
Much like computers, smartphones can start to slow down after years, or even months, of use.... READ ON
The Best Way to Protect Your AirPods? Disguise Them as Dental Floss
It takes just seconds and could save you $160.... READ ON
This Candle Will Fill Your Home With the Scent of a Freshly Unboxed MacBook
Recreate the scent of the Apple Store.... READ ON
What Are Those Tiny Spots on Apples?
We wouldn't have apples without them.... READ ON
The iPhone 7's Hissing Issue May Not Be Cause for Concern
You can blame the phone's new high-powered processor.... READ ON
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Fixing a Cracked iPhone Screen Now Costs $29
Your phone-dropping habit just got a lot less expensive.... READ ON
A Collection of Classic Apple Computers Is Up For Bid
It includes 35 pieces from Tekserve’s Mac Museum.... READ ON
The Next iPhone Update Will Help Users Become Organ Donors
Apple's upcoming iOS 10 upgrade for iPhone will allow users to become organ donors at the press of a button.... READ ON
San Francisco's New Apple Store Has $1 Million Staircases
Watch your step!... READ ON
The Best Apple Pie From All 50 States
Celebrate National Apple Pie Day with the best slice of pie in your state.... READ ON
Your Old iPod Could Earn You Thousands on eBay
First generation iPods are listed for up to $20,000.... READ ON
Steve Jobs Explains Why the Apple II Will Never Be Obsolete
He was almost right.... READ ON
Who was Granny Smith?
There really was a woman behind the tart varietal.... READ ON
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What Do Those Symbols on the iPhone Mean?
The truth is out there. Here’s what you’re really looking at.... READ ON
New “Blockhead” Plug Makes Your MacBook Adapter Fit Anywhere
People love their MacBooks. But the charger that comes with it? Not so much.... READ ON

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