Ants Communicate by Swapping Spit
Scientists say the mouth-to-mouth exchanges transmit hormones and other important chemical information.... READ ON
Watch These Peruvian Tree-Protecting Ants in Ultra HD
These ants help local trees...until they're bribed by crafty caterpillars.... READ ON
This Teeny Frog Makes Its Own Insect Repellent
The Amazonian amphibian produces a chemical camouflage that renders it invisible to its aggressive ant neighbors.... READ ON
Watch: Red Ants vs. Black Ants...Who Wins?
People keep fire ants as pets. And they make videos about it.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Don't Ants Gain Fat?
If an ant has extra calories, she will share them with her nestmates.... READ ON
This Rare Butterfly Lives Side By Side With Ants
The 'Adeloptypa annulifera' is a neotropical butterfly with a strange and fascinating life cycle.... READ ON
Insect Brains Are Conscious, Study Argues
A pair of Australian researchers suggest that insects have something of a sense of self.... READ ON
The Sharp Science of Animal Strikes
Some of the fastest strikes in nature are made by the smallest creatures.... READ ON
Desert Ants’ Shiny Silver Hair Keeps Them Cool
Saharan silver ants can withstand blistering temperatures thanks to their super shiny hair.... READ ON
Scientists in Brazil Document New Gruesome Technique of 'Ant-Decapitating Flies'
It’s gross, but it’s fascinating: Some phorid flies tear off ants’ heads and drag them back to their dens.... READ ON
Ant Colonies Earn Their 'Superorganism' Reputation
A new study shows that ant colonies act like “a single organism would in response to attacks on different parts of its body.”... READ ON
Watch Fire Ants Flow ‘Like Ketchup’
Ants switch between liquid-like and solid-like states.... READ ON
Robber Ants Spend Their Days Stealing From Other Nests
Thieves may be an established caste among some ant species.... READ ON
15 Industrious Facts About Ants
Though they be but little, they are fierce. (Also: smart, resourceful, and clean.)... READ ON
Ancient Ants Farm a Fancy New Fungus
Beetle Tricks Ants by Speaking their Language(s)

Gureng-gureng, Gabi-Gabi, Waga-Waga, Wemba-Wemba, and Yitha-Yitha are all names of native Australian languages.

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