The Sarcastic Jokes Found on Roman Bullets
Ancient Greek and Roman soldiers used football-shaped lead bullets as ammunition for their slingshots. These projectiles could wreak havoc on their targets, but the soldiers weren't content to merely wound their enemies. They also taunted them by inscribing insults and sarcastic jokes on their bullets.... READ ON
1000-Year-Old Iranian Windmills Still Work Today
They're made of clay, straw, and wood.... READ ON
The Top 10 Science Stories of 2016
It's been a big year.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
2000-Year-Old Skeleton Found at Ancient Shipwreck
Human remains are a rare find for sunken ships. Discovering a skeleton in one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world is even rarer.... READ ON
15 Solid Facts About the Rosetta Stone
Napoleon deserves a lot of credit for its discovery and preservation.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Biblical Mosaics Discovered in Ancient Synagogue in Israel
Excavations at a Late Roman synagogue have revealed a series of beautifully rendered biblical mosaics.... READ ON
Rome's Colosseum Is Getting a Massive (and Much-Needed) Makeover
After nearly 2000 years of visitors, pollution, and quick repairs, the ancient structure needed a lot of TLC.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
15 Intriguing Facts About the Antikythera Mechanism
This week, a team of researchers announced new insights about this singular artifact, which has fascinated the world for decades.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Geologists Say Greece’s ‘Lost City’ Is Actually a Natural Formation
The underwater city’s purported columns, platforms, and paving stone–like slabs are actually the result of a natural phenomenon.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
1600-Year-Old Roman Shipwreck Cargo Found Off the Coast of Israel
It's one of the most significant underwater finds in three decades.... READ ON
Scientists Use Star Maps to Date Sappho’s 'Midnight Poem'
The fragment makes mention of the time of night as well as the position of the Moon and the Pleiades.... READ ON
Spanish Workers Discover a Hoard of Well-Preserved Bronze Roman Coins
The treasure is worth "certainly several million euros."... READ ON
11 Monumental Facts About the Pantheon
5. The dome was the largest ever constructed in the ancient world.... READ ON
12 Facts About Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone 30 Years After the Disaster
The area remains a chilling reminder of nuclear disaster, while at the same time drawing thousands of tourists each year.... READ ON
More People Were Literate in Ancient Judah Than We Knew
Literacy was already on the rise in the ancient Kingdom of Judah by the time of the Babylonian conquest in 587 BCE.... READ ON
Archaeologists Find Tomb Artifacts Linking Nepal to Silk Road
The contents of an ancient tomb in Upper Mustang include beads and textiles only made in India and China.... READ ON

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