Antarctica Is Covered in Rivers, Lakes, and Waterfalls. That Might Not Be Good.
Finding water on Mars? Amazing! Finding water in Antarctica? Potentially scary.... READ ON
The Time a Scotsman Played Bagpipes for a Penguin in Antarctica
Gilbert Kerr donned full Highland dress in the Antarctic cold.... READ ON
Here's Where the South Pole is...This Year
The marker at the South Pole moves every year.... READ ON
Meet the 14-Year-Old Girl Who Plans to Complete the 'Polar Hat Trick'
Jade Hameister wants to become the youngest person ever to cross the North Pole, South Pole, and the Greenland Crossing.... READ ON
5 Clubs With Very Specific Membership Requirements
If you're an architect, an Arctic explorer, or an aviator, you may have a shot at joining one of these clubs.... READ ON
7 Things That Could Ruin Your Day in Antarctica
Oddly enough, frostbite may be the least of your concerns.... READ ON
Who Owns Antarctica?
Everyone, no one, but especially maybe the U.S. and Russia. Maybe.... READ ON
Experience Two Months on an Icebreaker Boat in Five Minutes
Watch an icebreaker vessel navigate Antarctic waters.... READ ON
Time-Lapse Video Reveals Patterns in Penguin Huddle
What looks like a static clump of birds is actually a constantly moving and highly organized system.... READ ON
An Earth Flag for When We Claim Other Planets
The World's Loneliest ATM is in Antarctica
Despite the frigid temperatures, ornery elephant seals, and months of perpetual darkness, Antarctica is still a place where money matters.... READ ON
The Only Movie Ever Filmed Entirely in Antarctica
The Start of Summer in Antarctica
A series of ordinary days near the South Pole, setting up camp for the "summer."... READ ON

In 1865, six-year-old Teddy Roosevelt watched Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession in New York City.

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