This Week, Dog Lovers Can Take a London Bus Tour With Their Furry Friends
The 90-minute tour takes riders to the city's best dog parks and canine-themed cultural attractions.... READ ON
Live Ruby Seadragon Caught on Tape for the First Time
The species was discovered just two years ago.... READ ON
Zoos Are Tracking Elephant Fitness, and It's Improving the Animals' Health 
The Elephant Welfare Initiative makes sure captive elephants get enough exercise.... READ ON
Lincoln Turned Down a Chance to Fill the U.S. With Elephants
We blew it.... READ ON
A Luxury Travel Company Will Help You Star in Your Own Nature Documentary
It's like "Planet Earth," but all about your vacation.... READ ON
New Ape Species Named for Skywalker Family
It’s a partial pun on the gibbon’s Chinese name, which translates as “Heaven’s movement.”... READ ON
13 Furry Facts About Pallas’s Cat
Get to know the rare, fluffy wildcat from Central Asia and Eurasia.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
How the Global Bird-Poop Trade Created a Traveling Mummy Craze
Bird poop has been a favored fertilizer for centuries—and, it turns out, is an excellent preserver of human flesh.... READ ON
15 Facts About Maggots
Maggot therapy is making a comeback.... READ ON
Let Hedwig Keep You Warm With This Harry Potter-Inspired Scarf
It gives you wings!... READ ON
Visit a Squirrel Hospital 
Come for the cute squirrels, stay for the good work.... READ ON
Pup Named After David Bowie (With Eyes to Match) Needs a Forever Home
The dog has reportedly been ignored by potential owners because of his different colored eyes.... READ ON
Where Swimming With Otters Brings Peace and Healing to Kids (and Adults)
Nurtured by Nature’s main goal is to offer animal programs for kids through the Make A Wish Foundation.... READ ON
This Year's Puppy Bowl Will Feature Three Dogs With Disabilities
Get to know Lucky, Doobert, and Winston.... READ ON
Chickens Are Much, Much Smarter Than They Look
Scientist Lori Marino says the farmyard fowl are “vastly underrated.”... READ ON
Miss Cellania
10 Animal Retirement Homes
A few places give care, protection, and love to animals no one else wants.... READ ON

Clyde Van Dusen, Paul Jones, George Smith and Joe Cotton all won the same sporting event: the Kentucky Derby. They weren't humans, they were horses.

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