Scientists Record an Extremely Intimate Look at How Dolphins Get It On
Researchers used a CT scanner to watch how dolphins' oddly shaped junk fits together during sex.... READ ON
The Star-Nosed Mole Is Almost Too Weird
With legs like shovels and a tentacle-tipped face, Condylura cristata is in a class of its own.... READ ON
Watch a Rare Drone Video of a Blue Whale Feeding
A new video of blue whales feeding in New Zealand shows they're picky about which meals are worth the effort.... READ ON
7 Animals That Smell Like Jelly Beans (Because It's National Jelly Bean Day)
These seven animals are olfactory dead ringers for classic Jelly Belly flavors.... READ ON
What Makes Peregrine Falcons the Fastest Animals on Earth?
Cruising at rates between 40 and 60 miles per hour, one might say that the predatory bird is the cheetah of the sky.... READ ON
This Frog’s Slime Fights the Flu
A peptide secreted by the frog’s skin kills the H1 variety of the flu virus.... READ ON
There’s a Zoo for Sale on Craigslist (Animals Included)
Are you listening, Matt Damon?... READ ON
Lady Pigeons’ Hormones Show the Value of Studying Both Sexes
A new study refutes the longstanding scientific assumption that studying female physiology is a waste of time.... READ ON
How the Wild Cat Became a Beloved Family Pet
Cats and humans have a long history together.... READ ON
Need a Toothpick? Use a Narwhal Horn
Narwhal horns were once worth more than gold. Now they're toothpicks.... READ ON
Tooth Decay May Have Turned Tsavo Lions into Man-Eaters
Humans were “so much easier to catch” than zebras or wildebeests.... READ ON
8 Animals That Have Been Imprisoned or Arrested
These critters are proof that crime can sometimes be cuddly.... READ ON
Researchers Discover New Species of Giant Spider
They knew they were on to something when they found a "giant" exoskeleton in a Mexico cave.... READ ON
Tiny Prehistoric Beetle Was First to Mooch off Termites
The horseshoe-crab-shaped bugs have been hanging out in a drop of amber for the last 99 million years.... READ ON
Watch This Very Important Video of Goats in Sweaters Learning to Jump
Baby. Goats. In. Sweaters.... READ ON
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18 Adorable Pets Dressed Up as the Easter Bunny

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