animal communication
Bumblebees Mark Their Trails With Tiny Scented "Footprints"
Foraging bumblebees leave unique scent marks on every flower they visit.... READ ON
Honeybees Go "Whoop!" When They Bump Into Each Other
They make the adorable sound with their wings when they're startled. Listen below.... READ ON
Sir Richard Francis Burton's Attempt to Learn Monkey Language
The famed explorer reportedly trained himself to identify up to 60 monkey “words."... READ ON
Ants Communicate by Swapping Spit
Scientists say the mouth-to-mouth exchanges transmit hormones and other important chemical information.... READ ON
Scientists Record Fish Singing a Dawn Chorus Like Birds
Eat your heart out, Big Mouth Billy Bass.... READ ON
Do Dolphins Carry On Conversations?
A much-hyped new paper claims to have found evidence of human-like speech patterns in bottlenose dolphins, but other researchers are skeptical, to say the least.... READ ON
Dolphin Moms May Start Teaching Their Calves Before They're Born
When it comes to pregnancy chatter, dolphins are actually a lot like us.... READ ON
An Orangutan in Indianapolis Has Learned to Ape Human Speech
Rocky’s ability to reproduce human-like noises contradicts the idea that apes can only ever use the sounds they’ve always used.... READ ON
7 Things You Never Knew About Fish
A conversation with Jonathan Balcombe, author of the new book 'What a Fish Knows.'... READ ON
When Cornered, Electric Eels Rise Out of the Water to Attack
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, right?... READ ON
Birds Use ‘Baby Talk’ to Teach Songs to Their Young
A study found that adult zebra finches speak differently to baby birds than they do to one another, and that their repetitive language seemed to help the young birds learn to sing.... READ ON
Watch an Adorable Chatterbox Monkey Try to Rip a Hidden Camera Off a Tree
Maybe he just wants to be the one behind the camera?... READ ON
Dolphins’ Snot May Be Essential to Their Communication
A father-and-son scientist team say the animals may need mucus to produce their signature clicks.... READ ON
Baby Barn Owls Give Their Hungrier Siblings First Preference at Mealtime
Barn owl nestlings communicate about who's hungriest, a new study finds.... READ ON
Toxic Moths Use Sonar Signals to Tell Bats to Stay Away
Like protective coloration, the moths’ “don’t eat me” sounds keep hungry bats from biting.... READ ON
More Testosterone Means More Foot Wiggling for These Frogs
Bornean rock frogs use visual “foot flags” to ward off rivals in their noisy environment.... READ ON

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