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12 Scientifically Cute Facts About Puppies
They really do like baby talk.... READ ON
Live Smarter
The Humane Way to Keep Skunks out of Your Yard
How to prevent Pepe Le Pew from becoming a squatter.... READ ON
4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feed the Birds (Or Any Animals)
Step away from the bread.... READ ON
Wild Elephants May Get the Least Sleep of Any Mammal
Scientists say some survive on as little as two hours a night and can go up to 46 hours without sleeping.... READ ON
New York Warns Drivers to Watch Out for Frogs Crossing the Road
Due to warm weather, amphibians may be coming out of hibernation earlier than usual.... READ ON
In Case You Needed 6 More Reasons to Love Sloths
Feeling down and want to feel better? Watch this video about sloths. Feeling good and want to feel better? Same goes. Sloths are the best.... READ ON
Why Lady Mantises Eat Their Mates
Genetically speaking, getting eaten could be the best thing to ever happen to a male mantis.... READ ON
The Strange Logic of the Strawberry Squid’s Lopsided Eyes
Researchers say each of the pink squid’s eyes serves a different function down in the dark depths.... READ ON
8 Ways Domestic Cats Are a Serious Threat to Nature
We adore them too. Really. But this is a major problem.... READ ON
Which Animals Fart? This Google Doc Will Tell You
Snakes? Mussels? The animal kingdom is smellier than you might think.... READ ON
Zoos Are Tracking Elephant Fitness, and It's Improving the Animals' Health 
The Elephant Welfare Initiative makes sure captive elephants get enough exercise.... READ ON
15 Facts About Maggots
Maggot therapy is making a comeback.... READ ON
Tardigrade Sex Does Not Disappoint
It’s gross. It’s tender. It’s … lengthy.... READ ON
Stubborn Sea Stars Thwart Student Scientists by Expelling Microchip Implants
Tracking tags implanted in the sea stars were found lying beside the animals days later.... READ ON
Baby Sea Stars Are Real-Life Water Benders
Scientists say the larvae flap tiny hairs to create liquid vortices that can either draw food in or help propel them through the water.... READ ON
Cannibalistic Crabs Show Their Softer Side on Camera
The pale, eyeless deep-sea crabs are better known for tearing each other to pieces.... READ ON

Talk about bad advice: In 1557, European doctors recommended smoking to combat bad breath and cancer.

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