A Brief History of the Irish Snug
Not so long ago, women couldn't be seen drinking in an Irish pub. Instead, they drank privately in snugs.... READ ON
The Best Irish Bar in All 50 States
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A Beer Hotel Could be Coming to Ohio
There will be a hot tub full of beer.... READ ON
Here's How the Midori Sour Was Invented
Chaim Dauermann, Head Bartender at New York City's The Up & Up, explains the wild circumstances of this cocktail's birth and offers some expert advice on how to make your own. We'll drink to that.... READ ON
7 Surprising Uses for Tequila
Mexico’s patron spirit is good for more than just one hell of a hangover.... READ ON
Time to Zelebrate: Zima is Making a Comeback!
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12 Fun Facts About Some of Our Favorite Beers
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A London Brewery Is Giving Away Free Beer Every Time It Rains
Follow London Pride—the flagship beer made by Fuller's Brewery—on Twitter to score your free pint.... READ ON
Maryland May Soon Be Home to a New Guinness Brewery 
It would be Guinness's first U.S. brewery in more than 60 years.... READ ON
Channel Your Inner Sommelier With This Crash Course in Wine
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Brew News You Can Use: mental_floss is on Untappd!
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15 Things You Should Know About Saké
Saké has long been considered the national drink of Japan. But as its popularity spreads around the world, the secrets behind its ancient traditions have come to light.... READ ON
Jack Daniel's Wants You to Drink Whiskey-Flavored Coffee
Internet taste testers have declared it "sort of burnt" and "pungent."... READ ON
Uncork Bottles Like a Cowboy With This Gun-Shaped Wine Opener
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9 Warm Cocktails to Sip This Winter
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Is Ben & Jerry's Making a New Bourbon-Flavored Ice Cream?
All signs point to yes.... READ ON

There is a word that rhymes with orange! It’s sporange: a rare alternative form of sporangium, a botany term that means "spore case."

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