14 Non-Judgmental Facts About The People's Court
Rusty the Bailiff wasn't just for show: He once guarded Charles Manson.... READ ON
A Ninja Museum Is Coming to Japan
The Japan Ninja Council announced a plan to drum up excitement around a fading culture.... READ ON
Nixon's Pigeon Problem
Richard Nixon was concerned that birds would make an unsightly mess on the parade route during his presidential inauguration, so he took steps to keep the birds away—but what ended up happening was way worse than some pigeon poop.... READ ON
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Watch a Vinyl Record That Produces a Star Wars Hologram
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This Week's Best Amazon Deals You Can Still Get
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15 Academy Award Firsts
A Sparkling Subculture: The Japanese Art of Dekotora
The decorated trucks often cost millions of yen to create, but their proud owners say it's worth it.... READ ON
Happy Establishment Day, Grand Teton National Park!
It's just ten miles south of Yellowstone.... READ ON
30 Best Picture Winners You Can Stream Right Now
Enjoy nearly 90 years of Academy Awards history from the comfort of your living room.... READ ON
Relax With Slo-Mo Toy Videos
Watch what happens when you slow toys down. WAY down.... READ ON
A Clockwork Orange Author Anthony Burgess's Favorite Dystopias
As described in his 1984 book 'Ninety-Nine Novels: The Best in English Since 1939.'... READ ON
People Like Sharks More When They Swim to Upbeat Music
New research indicates that the ominous music that often accompanies footage of sharks leaves viewers with a negative impression of these great big fish—and that this effect is lessened when upbeat music is played instead.... READ ON
Look Up! A "Ring of Fire" Eclipse Blazes the Southern Hemisphere
If you're in the southern parts of South America or Africa tomorrow, February 26, the show starts at 7:10 a.m. ET.... READ ON
See Which Best Picture Nominee Is Most Accurate to its Real-Life Inspiration
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10 Fab Facts About George Harrison

Romance novelist Barbara Cartland was Princess Diana's step-grandmother.

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