Bad Beef: Remembering Burger King's Infamous "Where's Herb?" Campaign
In 1986, Burger King customers could win $5000 for spotting ad pitchman Herb in restaurants. It still wasn't enough to make them like him.... READ ON
Heinz Beans Ad Pulled From the UK for Being "Dangerous"
Aside from a little—or a lot—of gas, what could be dangerous about cans of baked beans?... READ ON
Mathematicians Calculate How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee
Your morning routine gets quantified by mathematical models.... READ ON
E-Ink Advertising Could Be Coming to a Semi Truck Near You
Side-of-the-road billboards are so 20th century.... READ ON
A Family Scrapbook May Have Unearthed KFC's Secret Recipe
The Colonel's secret is out.... READ ON
8 Milestone Presidential Campaign Ads
These presidential campaign ads are proof that sometimes all you need is 30 seconds to change the course of an election.... READ ON
Brands Drop Letters A, B, and O From Their Names to Promote Blood Donations
The letters A, B, and O are disappearing from signs and billboards around the world.... READ ON
Bees Get Some Much-Needed R&R in the 'Grand Beedapest Hotel'
Finally a place for bees to relax.... READ ON
California Is Getting a Hello Kitty Cafe
There is no escaping the cuteness.... READ ON
The Sunscreen Campaign Featuring a Controversial Pooping Robotic Seagull
The funny commercial has been called "idiotic" by figures in the advertising community.... READ ON
Watch 8 of William Shatner's Early TV Ads
Margarine, computers, defunct airlines, regional grocery stores, kerosene heaters....... READ ON
The First TV Commercial Aired 75 Years Ago Today
And it was mercifully brief.... READ ON
Lyft Is Giving Fans the Chance to Ride Around in Ecto-1 Car From Ghostbusters
Who you gonna call? No one, because Lyft lets you do it all on the app.... READ ON
Mr. Potato Head Gets a Twisted Makeover
A limited-issue Potato Head is drawing attention to the plight of ugly vegetables everywhere.... READ ON
Deeply Absorbing: The ShamWow Story
The cleaning cloths sold for $28. Wholesale price: 50 cents.... READ ON
KFC's Takeout Box Will Charge Your Phone While You Eat
Colonel Sanders: Tech Disruptor.... READ ON

Trappists are famous for making beer and cheese, but other abbeys create Trappist cleaning products, honey, chocolate, and more.

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