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From Bondage to Brains: A Cultural History of Zombies
Whether you’re deeply invested in their modern lore or roll your eyes at the mere thought of undead fever, there’s no denying it: zombies have infiltrated pop culture.
8 Parasites that Create Zombie Animals
Invasion of the Zombie Animals
Mother Nature is not usually kind. There are creatures, usually tiny creatures, that will take over a member of another species. They will invade their host's bodies, their brains, and even their will. They turn their much-larger victims into zombies! 1. Zombie Snails -Induced
Zombie Simulator Tells You The Best Place To Hide In Case Of Outbreak
The 2011 Zombie Invasion Schedule
Zombies make their appearances here and there all through the year, but you will see more of them this month. Between World Zombie Day on October 8 and Halloween on October 31, the nation and even the world will be crawling with zombies. If you are a zombie (or want to be one), find out where you should be and when with this handy guide to zombie walks, parades, dances, pub crawls, festivals, and
The Late Movies: Zombie Invasion
Seen any zombies lately? I bet you have! Now you'll see more in the Late Movies! A Guy's Guide To Zombies A 1950s training film to prepare the citizenry for the Zombie Apocalypse. * Zombies Are Real Another educational film from the
Zombies, Fire Drills, and Bad Decision-Making
Imagine that the dead have risen from their graves. They’ve gotten into a building you’re hiding out in. You slink down the hallway and enter what you think is a safe room.
Did Medieval Brits Worry About a Zombie Uprising?
Archaeologists say the discovery of mutilated human remains could be evidence of “attempts to lay the revenant dead.”
Scientific Reasons to Believe in Vampires, Werewolves & Zombies
With Halloween just around the corner, let's take a look at some real-world events that may have inspired the creation of vampires, werewolves and zombies. And if you're in the market for Halloween-appropriate clothing, consider our "Vampires Are a Pain in the Neck" shirt (available in men's and women's).
Watch 100 Years of Zombies in Pop Culture in Under Three Minutes
From drinking special potions to "turn" to being particularly adept at running, the changes over the years are more than just an upgrade in makeup effects.
The MythBusters Take on Zombie Myths
Brain-hungry undead walkers might not be real, but that's not going to stop the MythBusters from fact checking the zombie apocalypse.
The Real-Life Neuroscience Behind Zombies
Most of the zombies you see on television and in movies moan and groan, and pull and tear, and lumber and shuffle, and remain highly focused on finding braiiinns to eat. But why do zombies act the way they do? They suffer from Consciousness Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder, an ailment coined by Timothy Verstynen and Brad Voytek.
Ray William Johnson's Zombie Love Song
Hey, even zombies need a little love on Valentine's Day, don't they? Ray William Johnson (of =3 fame) thought so, and wrote this, er, killer song to prove
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Start the day with some great links from all over!
How Do You Make a Monster? Dissecting Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies
If I go to my DVD shelves and pick any title from my sizable collection of horror movies, chances are there'll be a lot of biting going on (in the movie, not in my living room). No matter the monster "“ vampires, werewolves, zombies "“ movies would have us believe that getting turned into one, and turning others, is as easy as a bite. But if you look at folklore and legends from around the world, getting turned into one of these creatures by a bite from one is, overall, pretty rare.
Halloweek: Zombies terrorize Haiti's neighborhood
LiveScience, having already announced that vampires are a mathematical impossibility, is now telling us that zombies are (in some sense) real: Kings of the b-movie industry, zombies are individuals who've either had their souls sucked from their bodies or been revived from the dead through black magic. Zombie culture stems from the voodoo religion of Haiti, where it is still believed that people can fall into mindless trances just like the walking dead we've seen on film (minus the missing limbs and
My Favorite Monsters: the Zombie
I don't know why, but it took a long time to admit this to myself: I really love horror movies. Sure, there are legions of schlocky crap-fests hardly worth fast-forwarding through (as with any genre), but every once in while you find the one that tickles just the right nerve -- exactly where you didn't realize you were vulnerable -- and I just really enjoy that. When I was a kid it was all I read: Stephen King's entire catalog I consumed one hot summer; I even wrote ghost stories and spine-tinglers of my
A Quest to Find Real-Life Zombies
Zombies, as you may or may not be aware, don't exist only in the realm of fiction. The term comes from Haiti, where a rare-but-real tradition exists of people being drugged into a state so like death as to fool Western doctors. They are given funerals and mourned and buried. Then the offending sorcerer unburies the "body" and when the victim comes to, doses it with another drug that strips the victim of free will. Thus, in Haiti, people don't fear zombies so much as they fear becoming a zombie.
6 Things Zombies Actually Eat
A closer reading of the literature proves the menu for your next zombie gathering is more complicated than just "brains."
Is It Legal To Kill A Zombie?
Like the Shaun of the Dead slogan says, "aim for the head." But before you start readying your zombie apocalypse weapon of choice, you'd better find out if you're going to get in trouble for taking out the infected. According to San Diego criminal lawyer Peter M. Liss, zombie killing won't result in murder charges; after all, while zombies were once people, they aren't technically living anymore. There are other issues you need to consider,
Real-Life Zombie Emergency Plans (and a giveaway!!)
Never fear, zombiephobes: actual zombie emergency plans are popping up across the world. Nevermind that the zombies you see in movies are totally fictional - respected instituions such as the University of Florida and even the Centers for Disease Control have released tongue-in-cheek plans. A not-so tongue in cheek plan? New York's. Just reading the CDC's release makes it pretty clear that it's a fun article intended to get people's attention. Whereas you might ignore a boring old CDC press release
Scientific Reasons to Believe in Vampires, Werewolves & Zombies
To celebrate our new "Team Edvard" shirt, we're re-running some of our favorite vampire stories this week. Vampires One dark and stormy evening, Spanish neurologist Juan Gomez-Alonso was watching a vampire movie when he realized something strange; he noticed that vampires behave an awful lot like people with rabies. The virus attacks the central nervous system, altering the moods and behaviors of those infected. Sufferers become agitated and demented, and, much like vampires, their moods can turn
Michigan St. Offers a Course on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Our institutions of higher education are finally teaching students things they'll actually need in the real world.
Zombie Neurobiology
If you've ever wondered what makes zombies rise up and chase down fresh brains after they're dead, you're not alone. Harvard psychiatry professor and avowed sci-fi geek Dr. Steven C. Schlozman wondered too, and after a great deal of late-night movie watching and necro-diagnostic research, has fashioned himself into probably the world's foremost expert on zombie neurobiology. Mark Strauss of io9 took an in-depth look at some of the good doctor's theories, a few of which I've harvested (word choice!) here
Creating The Walking Dead's Creepy Zombies
Gene Page/AMC Forget the humans—the most compelling characters on The Walking Dead, which has its third season premiere tonight at 9pm on AMC, are obviously the zombies. These shambling, flesh-hungry undead are the creations of special effects makeup artist Greg Nicotero, who uses a combination of prosthetics and CGI to bring the walkers to