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Teeth and Bones from Ancient Rome Hold Clues to Migration and Slavery
Bioarchaeologist Kristina Killgrove writes for mental_floss about her research on skeletons from Rome, just published today.
Florida Is Opening a New Body Farm
The Florida Forensic Institute for Research, Security and Tactical Training (FIRST) will be the seventh facility of its kind in the U.S.
Mass Grave From War of 1812 Reveals First Evidence of Buckshot Wounds
The researchers used "proxy buttocks" made of pig parts to test the musket fire.
Are These the Skeletons of the First European Colonists in the U.S.?
Unearthed in St. Augustine, Florida, the remains may date back to the Spanish settlement of the city in the mid 16th century.
6 Practical Ways Romans Used Human Urine and Feces in Daily Life
The emperor Vespasian reportedly defended his tax on urine by saying "pecunia non olet"—money doesn’t stink.
Irish Teeth Reveal the Chemical Signature of the Great Famine
Researchers analyzed 20 sets of human remains from one of the many workhouses where entire families were institutionalized—and made to work long hours—as a "remedy" to poverty.
Skeleton of 19th-Century British Man Reveals He Wore a Corset
Medicine and fashion may have collided in this tuberculosis treatment.
6 Archaeological Finds Made by Badgers
Archaeology badger don’t care if it's mucking up our knowledge of the ancient past.
Matchsticks Once Sickened and Deformed Women and Children
The ravages of "phossy jaw"—necrosis of the jaw bone caused by phosphorus poisoning—may have been discovered in a young teenager's remains.
Archaeologists Make Rare, Gruesome Find in Portugal
A team recently excavated three graves located at the edge of a medieval cemetery.
7 Ancient Roman Curses You Can Work into Modern Life
"Never do better than the mime."
How the Global Bird-Poop Trade Created a Traveling Mummy Craze
Bird poop has been a favored fertilizer for centuries—and, it turns out, is an excellent preserver of human flesh.
Puzzling Human Relative Homo Naledi May Have Lived at the Same Time as Our Ancestors
Scientists date the intriguing hominin remains to 335,000–236,000 years ago—and find three more bodies.
Just How Old Is C-Section Birth?
And when did women and babies start surviving it?
13 Offbeat Ancient Recipes from Around the World
Porpoise porridge, anyone?
15 Intriguing Facts About the Antikythera Mechanism
This week, a team of researchers announced new insights about this singular artifact, which has fascinated the world for decades.
A Brief History of Bog Bodies (and Butter)
The combination of cool climate and anoxic water in these northern bogs makes conditions right for long-term preservation.
13 Mummified Facts about Ötzi the Iceman
In honor of the 25th anniversary of his discovery.
15 Mummies You Can See Around the World
This list is for the more macabre among you.