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What did you do this summer? Now, what would you have done if you had unlimited airline miles and no job to tie you down? Most people would simply vacation in a few places they've always wanted to visit, but Reddit user Generique opted to use his unique opportunity to help others. At the beginning of the summer, he put up a post offering to help Redditors with anything they may need assistance with-- be it moving, filling a swimming pool, delivering a letter, literally anything. He then traveled across
We tend to think of flowers as beautiful things with a lovely scent, but not all flowers comply to these standards. Take, for example, the Hydnora africana, which smells like dung. While the corpse lily might be the most famous of smelly, ugly flowers, the parasitic Hydnora deserves the trophy for most unpleasant. But there's a very good reason for this flower's stench—it's fertilized by dung beetles and, as you may have guessed, no smell attracts these insects more than feces. While the plant looks
It's Saturday. It's hot. Let's pop some water balloons in slow motion, shall we? Water Balloon vs. Face From Discovery's Time Warp, around 0:36 the balloon finally pops after molding itself to the man's face. From there it's all wet. Popping a Water Balloon When that volume of water is suddenly unsupported by its balloon container, it stays remarkably cohesive...until it
In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all month, here's what you
Elite universities are throwing open their classrooms’ doors to anyone with an Internet connection—for
Here's your feel-good fact for today: Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, calls sick kids in hospitals and chats with them in character. From
The unofficial fashion rule can be traced back to some snobby millionaires over 100 years ago.
Installment #34: By September 1912, Europe was divided into two alliance blocs, knit together by treaties both secret and public: on one side there was the alliance between France and Russia, which was augmented by the increasingly friendly entente cordiale between France and Britain (further cemented in the summer of 1912 by the Anglo-French Naval Convention, negotiated in July and finally signed on August 29). On the other side were Germany and its ailing sidekick Austria-Hungary, drawing ever closer
The first ever Cat Video Festival was held Thursday in Minneapolis. The festival selected the 76 best cat videos, and Buzzfeed has them all for those who could not attend. * If you are a pregnant drug addict, treatment with methadone might seem a good idea. But what can you do when methadone will still get you in trouble with child welfare agents? * $30 Million in Maple Syrup Stolen from Canada’s Strategic Syrup Reserve. In other news, Canada has a strategic maple syrup reserve. * The History of
It’s not that the machines have slight security glitches. It’s more that they’re almost comically hacker-friendly. Take the touchscreen Diebold Accuvote system. In 2012, nearly one-quarter of Americans are expected to use them to cast ballots. But the machines have been under fire for security errors for nearly a
Earlier this year you may have heard about a “War on Teachers,” where discussions of how little teachers work compared to how much they're paid got a lot of play in the media. With school starting again, let's take a closer look at our teachers. 1. They Don’t Do It for the Money Since more money is the way to motivate employees in most businesses, some school districts with less than stellar test grades have tried offering large bonuses to teachers if they get their kids to a higher level. In
If you like kickball but hate the baseball-style rules, why not play like they did in the 1920s?
Labor Day generally marks the end of summer and the start of a new school year. These fun educational videos for all ages should ease the sting of returning to school and help make studying more enjoyable. History "Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage" by Soomo Publishing This might be our favorite: a fantastic, well-produced women's suffrage parody of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" from the educational publishing company Soomo. "Gutenberg" by History for Music Lovers The Hawaiian-based history teachers
The Arm of the Law Really Is Quite Long It reaches five decades backward in time. And all for a lousy dime. * Squirt Gun Flamethrower Just Sounds Like a Bad Idea An awesome idea. But a bad idea all the same. Check out that and other deadly DIY items you need to avoid. * Running a Car on Moonshine Is that really
College is expensive. Scholarships can help to relieve some of that financial burden, and we’re here to clue you in to a few that are available to students who aren’t star athletes or in the upper reaches of their class’ grade point percentile. 1. Stop People From Texting While Driving Texting while driving is bad. If you help to spread the word about the dangers of texting behind the wheel, you could be entered in a drawing for a $10,000 scholarship to the school of your choice. The deadline has
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Did you hear the one about the Indian bloggers who Samsung flew to Berlin to see their new gadgets? Turns out they were expected to play booth babe and work to earn their plane tickets and hotel rooms. * The Cecilia Prize is being offered to the best amateur restoration of the fresco Ecce Homo-- or the funniest, it seems. See some imaginative examples submitted already. * Watch a sport-themed "People are Awesome" video. These folks are fit, talented, and totally without fear. * Bubbles the dog wants
Everyone wants dibs (such as “I’ve got dibs on that last piece of pizza!”) but do we know what they are or why we call them? Chances are you first started calling dibs back when you were a kid on the playground. Coincidentally, the playground is exactly where the phrase is believed to have
You might have to be 35 to run for president, but you can become mayor of a town much, much sooner. Qualifications for the job vary depending on the size of the city and its need, but some ambitious teenagers have stepped up in recent decades and, thanks to local elections, been voted into office. While their peers were worrying about things like homecoming dances and football games, these kids were attending local board meetings and planning for their constituents' future. Here's a look at seven of the
If you're squinting and still can't make that out, it says, "Kirk is not expected to live long and prosper." Thanks to Michael Fusion for bringing this to our