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We’ve covered Europe's, Asia's, Africa's, North America's and South America’s most beautiful libraries; now it’s time to take a look at Australia and, while it isn’t technically a part of the continent, New Zealand as well. Victorian State Library,
Well this is just so many different kinds of fantastic I don't know where to begin: Alan Rickman makes tea in EXTREME slow motion.? * From Tiny to Tinier: One GIF Zooms in on Bacterial Life. * I guess this is old but I had never seen it, so hopefully it's a newly terrifying idea to some of you as well: a tornado made of fire.
A very long but essential read by the fantastic Atul Gawande for the New Yorker: Can Hospital Chains Improve the Medical Industry? (You'll actually learn a lot about the Cheesecake Factory, too. Bonus!) * From the Annals of Too Much Time: This isn't just for "Game of Thrones" fans, but it may make slightly more sense if you are-- a cat performs the "Game of Thrones" theme, and it is glorious. * Necessity is the mother of invention: How one journalist invented the ballpoint pen, a design that persists
Sure, his coloring makes him look good against a red background, but it turns out that in the early days of firefighting, the Dalmatian served an important
Adande Thorne, also known as Swoozie, posted an animated video of his adventures as a Disney theme park cast member. It was so successful that he now has a career as a video blogger and animator. Most of that is due to his storytelling skills. Enjoy a few of Thorne's videos about his Disney experience. Confessions of a Disney Employee His first Disney video from last year now has 2.5 million views.* Revenge of the Disney Employee This video explains why Swoozie is no longer working at Disney.
The Ballad of the Walled-Up Wife chronicles the story of hapless masons who are incapable of building a wall that will last. After years of failure, they learn that in order to make their work last, they must offer up a sacrifice. Once, as their master’s wife passed by, they grabbed her and entombed her in the wall they were building. According to some versions of the ballad, the wall still stands.While immuring wives in walls is strictly outlawed (and largely fictional), the practice of hiding
Remember that animated, professionally narrated version of Peter and the Wolf you saw as a kid? Sure you do-- somewhere in the depths of your memory, you'll probably remember this fifteen-minute Disney short from 1946. It's odd to think now that this came out just a decade after Prokofiev's original composition in 1936-- they both seem sufficiently remote to be ancient history to kids these days. In any case, "Peter and the Wolf" was written to be performed with a narrator (in Russian); Disney added
Neil Armstrong, who would have turned 85 years old today, is remembered as both a "reluctant American hero" and "the spiritual repository of spacefaring dreams and ambitions."
Neil Armstrong-- astronaut, engineer, professor, Navy pilot, and first man on the moon-- has died at the age of 82. He is best known for the words he spoke just after he set foot on the moon. Contrary to popular belief, Armstrong said (emphasis added): "That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." That word "a" was garbled in the satellite feed heard by the world. Regardless of our ability to hear him, Armstrong was a man of powerful words. Here are a few more to remember him by.
In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you
In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you
Installment #33: By the end of August 1912 the situation in the Ottoman Empire was catastrophic, as ethnic conflict in the Balkans spiraled out of control, giving the Balkan League – a loose alliance of Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece – the pretext it needed for invading and grabbing the empire’s remaining European territories.
Today marks the 21st anniversary of Moldova's declaration of independence from the Soviet Union. What better way to celebrate independence than with pop music and rock 'n' roll? Here are 8 of Moldova's most popular musical acts. 1. O-Zone "Dragostea Din Tei" (a.k.a. "the Numa Numa song") "Dragostea Din Tei" is far and away O-Zone's most popular song, with the official music video from Ultra Records accruing more than 23 million YouTube views in 5 years. (You may know the song better from the "Numa
While the United States and Canada are friendly neighbors, things can change. And in 1927, the U.S. planned for just such a scenario.
We spent much of 2010 developing Split Decision, our party/trivia game of improbable pairings. We've spent much of this year working on the app version, and we're thrilled to announce it's now available for both iPhone and Android! From the "hey guys, we have a new app out!" press release: Split Decision is a new game for your phone where to win you just need to decide which of two unusual categories is nonsense, and which represents real knowledge! It's packed full of funny facts, entertaining
Tropical storm Isaac is scheduled to hit Louisiana on the seventh anniversary of Katrina. Meanwhile, the damage from hurricane Irene a year ago is still being felt. * In the 50th anniversary issue of the Spider-Man comic books, Peter Parker gets a teenage sidekick. It's a big step that shows how far the character has grown from his roots as a shy, nerdy teenager that readers could identify with. * Artist Daniel Wurtzel's installation called Magic Carpet consists only of a piece of fabric and a set of
[Note: This post was written before last night's episode, so if you haven't seen it yet, there are no spoilers. But if you're halfway through the season, you might want to skip this one. Here's a scary story about crows
In this stunning video, we see the best view yet available of NASA's Discovery lander speeding towards the surface of Mars. What makes it special is the relative smoothness of the video-- editor Dominic Muller took the source material, a roughly 4 frame-per-second set of still shots from the Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) and interpolated those frames to a roughly 25-fps HD video. This process of interpolation (creating interstitial frames where there were none before, by calculating what "should" be
Happy 60th Birthday to Pee-wee Herman Paul Reubens, the man who plays everyone’s favorite eternal child Pee-wee Herman, is turning 60 years old today. And, according to this photo gallery, it’s serious business. As a huge fan of Pee-wee, I would encourage everyone to read 10 Facts About Pee-wee Herman and check out more information about his 1988 Christmas special. They’re oldies but goodies. * The Work of Some Really Cool Dads If Pee-wee’s Playhouse had taken place in a tree, it might
Early last week, the Muppets lost a member of their family: puppeteer Jerry Nelson died. Nelson began working with Jim Henson and Frank Oz in 1965, but his career truly began in the second season of Sesame Street when he officially joined the show's cast. Best known for his performance of Count von Count, Nelson also performed several minor characters. As a belated tribute, some of his greatest hits are below. Herbert Birdsfoot From 1970 through 1973, educator Herbert Birdsfoot was performed by