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This summer, I started a walking tour of downtown Nashville ( After twenty years of writing about music, and interviewing the likes of Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson, I figured it might be fun to share some of what I’ve learned, along with a few backstage
Climbing the World Trade Center Don’t ever say a reporter’s job is easy: Two years before the official opening of the Twin Towers in 1973, PopSci reporter Robert Gannon visited the 110-story construction site – and nearly chickened out. To reach the top of the world’s tallest building, Gannon had to climb wobbly wooden ladders lashed to metal beams (while the builders teased him for his “hippie mustache.”) * Are All One Year Supplies Created Equally? You’ve won a contest and a
Loving the game show brilliance (or lack thereof): 11 Awkward Canadian Game Shows —, @mental_floss— Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) September 11, 2012 [Previously on the company
With election season in full swing, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and be glad that neither candidate makes out with corpses or thinks they have bones made of glass. Whether they were born with mental illness or slowly descended into lunacy as a result of leading tragic lives, these 11 rulers definitely make both of our candidates look
The best part of going to the doctor's office as a kid.
You never know which little role is going to lead to the first big one. Here are the defining moments that helped 11 stars of classic TV shows to land their first major breaks: 1. Mary Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moore had fired the imagination of many TV-viewing young men in the late 1950s when she had a small recurring role on Richard Diamond, Private Detective. Only her sultry voice was usually heard, although there was occasionally a shot of her lengthy dancer’s legs or a profile of her lips as she
In my day, middle school math class was pretty boring, and led to some remarkable goofing off. (I’m sure math class isn’t like that today; surely no modern kid would waste time in school.) For me, math class was an opportunity to explore new worlds with my calculator — but not new mathematical worlds. The main challenge I took on was finding new words I could spell on my calculator. And this was before we had calculators with alphanumeric keyboards. For the uninitiated, the way this
In 1970, 45 female Newsweek employees sued the magazine for discrimination. A new book tells that groundbreaking story that was all but forgotten in the decades since. * 10 Cave Homes We’d Like to Live In. They're sturdy, well-insulated, and eco-friendly, but who cares because they are ultimately just awesome. * If world leaders could just play Rock, Paper, Scissors to solve their disputes, the world would be a better place. Here's how that might work. * 10 Big Questions About The Fall 2012 TV
There’s more to the common parking lot than broken beer bottles and fender benders from that guy who was texting. Oceans of asphalt, it seems, are hiding an astonishing trove of archeological treasures.
Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, was killed last night along with three other Americans when an Islamist mob stormed the American Consulate in Benghazi. With the tragic story all over the news today, reader Kimberly wrote to ask what, exactly, goes into being a U.S.
Tom Hanks Clearly Loved Michael Clarke Duncan And this story he told at Duncan's memorial makes them both even more likable. * Mad Science: They’re Growing Soccer Balls From Pig Bladders I don’t even... * Reason #3,564,587 Not to Become a Counterfeiter They all boil down pretty much to this: It’s really difficult. And it keeps getting harder. That’s a good thing, but it does mean less of this type of thing. (Warning: Totally Stupid, Pointless YouTube video lies within.) *
If you're even slightly arachnophobic, stop reading right now. Wait, you're still reading this? Okay, fine, let's chat. In this 90-second time lapse video, we're treated to (okay, thoroughly disgusted by) a tarantula molting. Yes, spiders molt as they grow-- because they have exoskeletons, they must occasionally shed their worn-out exterior and emerge, creepier than ever. The shiny new spider is ready to freak you out/cuddle/whatever it is you people do with your pet spiders. Um. Seriously, this is
According to the State Department Office of the Historian, five U.S. ambassadors had been killed in the line of duty by terrorists prior to the killings of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three embassy staffers on Tuesday. Here are their
Today Ben Folds celebrates his 46th birthday, and we rock along with him. I've always liked Ben-- his mix of emotional and geeky songs appeals to me, as do his guts in naming his three-piece band "Ben Folds Five." Let's check a few classic performances by the man and (at times) his band. If you have to pick one of these to watch, try "In Love." It has Shatner. Lots of Shatner. "Underground," 1997 "Show me the mosh pit...." With Ben Folds Five, obviously. "In Love," ft. William
The College Collections Specialist Who Sympathizes With Poor Students. Drowning in debt is no way to start out life on your own. * 10 of This Year’s Best New Entries in the Guinness Book of World Records. Do not skip "Most Slam Dunks by a Parrot." * Big box stores are outfitting their roofs with solar panels. We should follow the lead of those who know the bottom line to the penny. * Watch four minutes of the greatest cat moves ever caught on video in this collection. They are strong, graceful,
Reports of suspicious packages are common across the United States. Police take all reports seriously — as they should — and they look into every unmanned briefcase or wayward box. More often than not, abandoned gym bags just wind up being lost gym bags. Here are 15 fairly recent suspicious package reports from alert citizens that became great stories to share at the local precinct. 1. Like a rock On September 5, a suspicious package in Montana turned out to be a bunch of duct tape around a brick
After we posted 13 Disturbing Pieces of Art from History, several readers pointed out that none of the works were created by female artists. So, here are 13 more disturbing pieces of art, and they’re all created by women. 1. Artemesia Gentileschi- Judith and her
If you can do it on land, someone will find a way to do it underwater. And then they'll find a way to get others to do it, too! 1. Listen to