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There are plenty of literary tattoos out there, and plenty of tattooed librarians. A bit less common are librarians with tattoos celebrating their career choice.
We’ve all heard stories about schools banning books or gang-affiliated clothing, but there are many less-publicized bans in effect. Here are ten of the more interesting cases.
Television’s 10 Most Epic NOOOOOOOOO Moments. I hear this contains spoilers. Would you rank them any differently? * Wrap Rage is when you can't open your lunch because the packaging is designed for someone besides mere humans. And why I keep scissors, a screwdriver, and pliers in the kitchen. * So far, three people have died and others have suffered from the Hantavirus in Yosemite National Park. The culprit spreading the disease appears to be deer mice. * A Kitten Chorus Line is almost purr-fect. I
The founding member of The Beatles would have turned 75 years old today.
Negative campaigning in the United States can be traced back to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Back in 1776, the dynamic duo combined powers to help claim America's independence, and they had nothing but love and respect for one another. But by 1800, party politics had so distanced the pair that, for the first and last time in U.S. history, a president found himself running against his VP. Things got ugly fast. Jefferson's camp accused President Adams of having a "hideous
We don’t mean the triggers — though that could be a fun post — but the actual physical process. What is it about our physiology that occasionally makes our tummy say, “Come on up, Chuck”? Vomiting is an important function. It rids your body of potential toxins or health hazards. In fact, there’s a specific area of your brain that gives your stomach its marching
How many movies or TV shows have you seen where a young sylph in a filmy nightgown runs through a forest in high heels to escape a bad guy? She always trips and falls down. If this makes you groan and mutter “only in the movies…”, then we think you’ll enjoy this scientific-type debunking of 11 common film and television tropes and clichés. 1. The Chloroform
The 1968 Playboy Club Bunny Manual Be mindful of the rules of Bunny Behavior so you won’t have to have a “Personal Meeting with the Bunny Mother.” * If They Tore A Stitch, Then You Must Snitch One of O.J. Simpson’s prosecutors offers a new theory on the famous bloody glove (albeit 17 years too late). Other Headlines I Considered:- If they try to fudge, you must tell the Judge.- If they alter the fit, you must mention it.- If they tamper with evidence, then you shouldn't wait almost
Smokey Bear was created by the U.S. Forest Service in an attempt to prevent forest fires-- and it worked too well. By preventing the small fires that are part of how forests function (clearing out underbrush and small trees), the "Smokey Bear Effect" is causing massive, forest-destroying fires that eradicate large forests. In this short video, NPR explores the effect-- and how we must accept small fires as an integral part of the life of forests. Representative quote: "For a hundred years, we've
Last month we brought you cakes inspired by famous painters, so this time around, let's look at cakes based on a more contemporary art style: comic books. 1. Spider-Man
Eleven years ago today, America was attacked by terrorists. Artists around the world channeled their feelings about the tragedy into songs. Here are seven pieces of music inspired by the 9/11 attacks. There are many more. If we missed one you're fond of, please tell us in the comments. Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) Written by Alan Jackson, this song was first performed at the Country Music Association's annual awards show two months after the attacks. The Rising The title track off
Some of America's best-known game show hosts are actually Canadian-- including Alex Trebek, Monty Hall, and Alan Thicke. But in Canada, the game show landscape has featured plenty of painfully weird ways to win a few bucks (sorry, Loonies). Here's a rundown of the most awkward Canadian game shows. 1. Anything You Can Do This early 70s show pitted men against women "physically, mentally, and any other way you can think of." The most awkward element of the show was the requirement that the teams
Who says you can't celebrate the mundane? These 11 museums are dedicated to items you use but probably never think about. 1. Sulabh International Museum of
Fifty years after thalidomide caused so many birth defects, drug producer Chemie Grünenthal's CEO has offered an apology. Look behind the scandal, and we see Nazi ties to the development of the drug. * New documents from the Samsung trial shed light on how Apple invented the iPhone. * Hummingbird Clearwing Moths act like hummingbirds more than moths (which is what they are). And they have windows in their wings! * When comic book art gets so silly that it's ridiculed as a meme, maybe someone will
Installment #35: Although British and French generals held a series of informal military “conversations” beginning in 1906 after the First Moroccan Crisis, the Anglo-French Naval Convention negotiated after the Second Moroccan Crisis signaled the beginning of closer strategic cooperation between these traditional rivals, who were forced into each others’ arms by the rapid expansion of German power beginning in the second half of the 19th century.
Studies have shown that there are much higher instances of mental disorder in political leaders and creative geniuses than in the general population. And while it's impossible to be completely sure of a correct diagnosis of a historical figure, that hasn’t stopped researchers from making educated guesses. Here's a speculative look at the mental health of 11 of history's big thinkers. 1. Abraham Lincoln –
Last week I noticed that I'd seen more than one awesome cake decorated on the theme of the TV show Game of Thrones. Actually, I could count several, so obviously there were even more such cakes on the internet. Has any other TV show inspired so many bakers to make cakes? Maybe Star Trek, but that's a much older show (and an idea for another list). Here are eleven Game of Thrones cakes for your admiration. Possible spoilers ahead for those who plan to watch the already-aired episodes in the
At various moments in its life, a word will hop languages, change meanings, travel through sinister moments and land in pleasant ones. But no matter how many times it’s superimposed, and how far it gets from its original source, a word doesn’t let go of its memories easily. Here are 11 modern English words with socially insensitive origins.
1. Buncombe County, North