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Happy cabbage: A sizable amount of money to be spent on self-satisfying things.
Each week I provide links to stories about libraries, authors, and books. Today we're going to do something different! In no particular order, here are some of our favorite library-related places on the web. 1. Love the
Miss Cellania is on vacation, so I’ll be filling in this week. Enjoy! A young player was ejected from the Scrabble National Championships after he was caught cheating. Tsk, tsk... * In other rule-breakers who are good with words news, Flavorwire has a list of 10 great works of literature written in prison. * If you'd like to write your own great work of literature, you might want to follow the advice of these 26 famous authors. (George Orwell sure was specific!) * Fans of the Curiosity Rover
In this video, astronaut Don Pettit demonstrates yo-yo tricks in space. Yes, he's on the International Space Station making time to vlog about yo-yos and science. Pettit: "Because I'm in space, and I can, I get to name these yo-yo tricks as I invent them. I call this one 'Shoot the Planets!'" He also offers relationship advice for yo-yo/physics loving folks. More like this, please. This is not the first time we've mentioned Dr. Pettit. He took the recent "Star Trails" photos, and he showed us
In this decidedly spooky TED Talk, Jon Ronson explains his journey to understand mental illness, which brought him to a prison for the criminally insane to interview a very sanely-dressed possible psychopath, then brought him to "Chainsaw Al" Dunlap, whose house was "like Narnia." The whole thing is engaging, challenging, and makes me really want to take the test. Bonus points if you get the reference on Ronson's tee shirt without Googling it. This is all discussed in more depth in Ronson's book
Invisible Bike Helmet = Mind Blown The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo. The video starts slow, but wait for the bike helmet reveal. It’s awesome. * We All Get Attacked By A Kangaroo From Time to Time It’s a fact of life. You know that old saying: “Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes and getting assaulted by an angry marsupial.” Well here’s how you deal with that little bit of
There's a woman who's going to be contributing to our site. She's quite good and I'm quite excited. When she asked if she could write under an alias, I wasn't sure. Then I remembered "Miss Cellania" is not a birth name and decided it was OK. But I had one condition—we get to name her. That's too much pressure for me alone, so I'm calling on you guys. Can we get some suggestions in the
Hollywood always makes bank robberies look so easy (with some notable exceptions). You do a little planning, throw on a Richard Nixon mask, you’re in and out in a few minutes and then you can live the rest of your life in luxury in some tropical paradise that won’t extradite you. A real-world bank job, however, isn’t a one-way ticket to
Exercising on a treadmill often feels like torture, and that’s not exactly a coincidence.
Octopi are pretty clever creatures with a whole wealth of skills; some people believe their intelligence levels are on par with those of cats and dogs. Here are just a few of the ways they continue to amaze us. They Can Open Jars to Get Dinner They Steal
Miss Cellania is on vacation, so I’ll be filling in this week. Enjoy! Big news: Ecuador has granted Julian Assange political asylum... but will England allow Assange safe passage from Ecuador's London embassy? * Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal needs your help to buy Nikola Tesla's old laboratory to turn it into a Tesla Science Center. (Currently, there is no Tesla Museum in the U.S.) * Millennials--those born between 1979 and 1989--spend more money on books than any other generation. * A British
With record-breaking temperatures sprouting up everywhere this summer, there’s no better time to cool off with a nice refreshing milkshake. Of course, while some people are content with strawberry, chocolate or vanilla, others want more variety. Here are some of the weirdest milkshake flavors you’re likely to ever come across. 1. Foie
It's been 11 days since an inebriated Chris Higgins live-blogged Curiosity's landing. What's the rover been up to? Here's a round-up of the best photos of Mars since the
On Fridays, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else's reply, whatever you want. On to this week's topics of discussion... 1. If you'd been born 50 years earlier, what would you have done for work? 2. Stacy Conradt is working on her annual list of the most interesting, bizarre, or otherwise noteworthy college courses offered this fall. If you're in college, let us know if your school has anything that
As I continue flipping through my copy of the Dictionary of American Slang (1967), it seems like every page has a new term for "drunk." We've discussed "on a toot" (a drunken spree) and "the zings" (a hangover), but here are some new old words to try out on your boozy friends. 1. Pigeon-eyed * 2. Full as a tick * 3. Squiffed * 4. Striped * 5. Swacked * 6.
It’s Casual Dress Friday It’s Friday, so you may be at your office right now wearing jeans. If so, your office is one of many with a relaxed end-of-week dress code. If you’re lucky enough to be dressed down today, you owe it to yourself to know the history of business casual. * Does Obamacare Cover Robots For Old People? A new movie has an interesting idea: develop robots to take care of America’s aging baby boomers. The only problem might be that the elderly don't want to be taken care of
The whale that sparked decades of elementary school sing-alongs has swum to the big ocean in the sky. Kavna, a beluga whale who inspired the children’s song “Baby Beluga,” died August 6 at Vancouver Aquarium. She was 46 years old. Kavna lived a remarkably long life: most beluga whales don’t live past 30. A quick necropsy showed that she probably died of cancer. Kavna wasn’t exactly a baby when singer-songwriter Raffi Cavoukian wrote the famous tune. She was about 14 years old. Raffi
"How does light look in slow motion?" asks Ramesh Raskar in this brief TED Talk, demonstrating his "femto-photography," a slow motion technique that achieves one trillion frames per second. He proceeds to show us: the camera captures so many frames that you can SEE LIGHT TRAVELING THROUGH WATER. You can see light moving across the surface of a tomato. It's frickin' insane. Oh, by the way, this technology can also see around corners. It's not perfect but, you guys, it took me like a whole
Installment #31: After the Russian and French general staffs met in Paris in July 1912, French Prime Minister Raymond Poincaré (above, at right) followed up with a trip of his own to St. Petersburg, where he met Tsar Nicholas II and Russian foreign minister Sergei Sazonov. Poincaré’s overriding goal during his visit to St. Petersburg was to further secure the Franco-Russian Alliance, for domestic as well as foreign policy reasons
Sadly I don't read as many books as I used to. I grew up an incorrigible bookworm, but so much time now is taken up with TV and internet (forsooth!). This tongue-in-cheek article on how to read a Victorian novel, however, has reminded me of their joy and made me want to settle down again with my old friends. * Play the game of evolution. The controls are pretty complicated (or, can be), but there's a ton to observe within it! * Check out this beautifully eerie short film that spawned Beasts of the