The Sylvester Stallone Tough Guy Quiz

30 years ago, First Blood introduced film audiences to John Rambo and cemented Sylvester Stallone as a go-to tough guy. Later this summer, Stallone will continue that tradition by starring in The Expendables 2 along with a slew of aging action stars. In honor of the two milestones (bookends?) can you identify Stallone's tough guy roles with just a description or quote? Some may be used more than once.

If you want a hint, highlight below for a list of characters and the movies they came from.

Rocky Balboa from the Rocky series; Jack Carter from Get Carter; Marion Cobretti from Cobra; Judge Dredd from Judge Dredd; Lincoln Hawk from Over the Top; Frank Nitti from Capone; John Rambo from the Rambo series; Barney Ross from The Expendables; John Spartan from Demolition Man; and Ray Tango from Tango and Cash

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