Name All The Expansion Teams Since 1976

In the last 35 years, the four major sports leagues have expanded to adopt 29 new franchises: 6 in the MLB, 8 in the NBA, 6 in the NFL and 9 in the NHL. How many can you name in 8 minutes?

A few groundrules: We're only counting brand new franchises, not teams that were relocated from other cities. Teams that joined the NBA in the 1976 merger with the ABA or joined the NHL in the 1979 merger with the WHA do not count. We're also not counting the Cleveland Browns, since the team that joined in 1999 is part of the original franchise (however, the new team that resulted from the 1995 move out of Cleveland is considered a new franchise and will count here). City and team name or just the team name are acceptable and we'll accept any name the franchise has used since its creation.