Ovid, Vanderbilt, or Cosmo?

Way back in the year 1 BCE, Ovid published The Art of Love, sort of a how-to guidebook (er, poem) loaded with tips for men interested in picking up women, and women interested in keeping a man. Some 2,000 years later and not much has changed. In 1952, Amy Vanderbilt, Queen of Etiquette, published a book chock-full of advice remarkably similar to Ovid's in language and intent. And, of course, these days the magazine racks are full of articles offering similar tips for everything from opening pick-up lines, to conquering backnee, again, written with strikingly similar language.

In the following quiz, I present you with 13 actual dating/grooming tips as quoted in The Art of Love, Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Book of Etiquette, or a recent issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Can you figure out the source of each?