Kennection #275
What national mammal of Mexico is the largest cat native to the Americas?
Kennection #274
People with the most common form of color-blindness confuse red with what other color?
Kennection #273
What Italian whey cheese is most often used alongside mozzarella in baked lasagna?
Kennection #272
In Matthew 2:13, who has a dream warning him to take his family to Egypt to escape King Herod?
Kennection #271
What does the 'H' stand for in FHA, the U.S. government agency that currently ensures almost 5 million loans?
Kennection #270
In the Arabian Nights tales, what kind of magical object does Aladdin discover in an underground garden in China?
Kennection #269
Ivan Pavlov, Alexander Fleming, and Barbara McClintock have all won the Nobel Prize in which category?
Kennection #268
"Love is sufficient unto love," according to what best-selling 1923 poetry collection by Kahlil Gibran?
Kennection #267
What brand of bubble gum is named after the "Stovepipe" anti-tank weapon of World War II?
Kennection #266
GOTO and GOSUB were keywords in what "beginner's all-purpose" computer language, developed in 1964?