Kennection #259
What palace southwest of Paris has 1,400 fountains in its famous gardens?
Kennection #258
The chemical element with the longest name, element 104, honors what physicist who discovered the atomic nucleus?
Kennection #257
What does the letter 'S' stand for when the notation "SB" appears on a baseball scorecard?
Kennection #256
The NHL's Frank J. Selke Trophy is given to the player who has the best defensive game despite playing at what position?
Kennection #255
Four U.S. states have names that begin with what word?
Kennection #254
What comedy trio formed by veterans of The State in 1997 shares its name with a character from A Streetcar Named Desire?
Kennection #253
What British gold coin, worth one pound sterling, was named for its original image of Henry VII sitting on a throne?
Kennection #252
In what Beatles song does the title character keep her face in a jar by the door?
Kennection #251
What food do Catholics traditionally eat on Fridays—though the Bishop of Quebec once ruled that beaver meat was okay as well?
Kennection #250
What's the capital of the Falkland Islands, named for the same lordly British family also honored by a famous sports trophy?